13 thoughts on “Are You Still Missing The Tune?”

  1. I do sincerly miss this tune Dennis. It takes me back to my happy places as a kid at my grandparents home, sitting in the “frontroom” on a Sat. night. Learning to watch the puck, listening to my Gramps talk about the “habs” and the sheer wonderment of that beloved inch and a half of beer in your kids cup……heres to some of those players that helped to fill that frontroom–Bobby Orr, Ken Dryden, A couple Espositos, Frank Mahovolich,Marcel Dionne, Howe, Hull and a really fast fella called “the Rocket”. Thanks for that Dennis.

  2. I’m happy that we still hear it on TSN and RDS.

    More so happy to hear it on RDS.. because it’s usually coupled with a Habs game.

  3. I thought CBC would end up going with Stompin’ Tom’s “The Good Old Hockey Game” song for their intro after they lost the original intro to TSN. It’s a pretty decent tune. Instead they went with a contest and ended up with a pretty lame intro which really has not caught on. It’s just not hummable.
    Incidently, Stompin’ Toms tune is featured in a commercial for an Xbox or Playstation video hockey game NHL 2010 or something.
    Anyways, the tune was and is an anthem and its a shame CBC lost it due to cost-cutting at the CBC combined with TSN getting into a bidding war over the song’s rights.
    Another tune I really, really like is the “Go Habs Go” song by the Canadian rock band Simple Plan which plays at the begining of the RDS broadcast on Tuesdays (les Mechant Mardis de Molson).
    That song used to be available on You Tube and other sites but WMG (Warner Music Group) and their lawyers have spoiled the fun and have forced You Tube and virtually every other site to remove it threatenning legal action.

  4. Stompin Tom’s song woul’ve been perfect. I agree totally. I even sing it sometimes when no one’s around.

  5. It was good for tradition, Jan. But somehow, it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought. Maybe I’m evil.

  6. Speaking of music, I would like the Bell Centre to inject a bit of nostalgia by bringing back that cheesy organ music from the old Forum. I still remember the old tunes played during stoppages of play before faceoffs. I miss them like a long-lost friend.
    I also miss that delightfully out-of-tune trumpet some guy used to play to get the crowd going.
    Anyone else remember/miss this?

  7. I remember that guy. Absolutely. And he could be the same guy who was the unofficial cheerleader named Dutchy who always stood in standing-room-only behind the first section and got everyone going. I wonder what ever happened to him. He just stopped cheerleading one day.
    I would also like to appeal to the powers-that-be to put the big CH’s back at centre ice. Talk about messing with tradition. I know they’re there now, but very small with the 100 years logo. I need the big ones back. If they were good enough all thoise years at the Forum, and until two years ago at the Bell Centre, then they should be good enough now. Put them back.

  8. Frankly, I haven’t even paid attention to the new one. I don’t really hear it. That can’t be good.

  9. Its too bad about the dispute over the Hockey Theme. CBC was getting off cheap playing such a famous song, but the song would have been nothing if not for HNIC. I guess lawyers in 1968 didn’t specify everything.
    I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. The new song isn’t bad, but will never be as iconic as the original. When they had the anthem challenge, I thought the original home produced submissions were better than big budget versions the CBC made for the finalists.
    Stompin’ Tom’s the Hockey Song is probably the only song that could ever come close. It made a great theme song for the CTV show Power Play, but I love anything set in Hamilton.

  10. I’m also surprised at how much I don’t miss it. Stompin Tom’s would’ve worked nicely. Oh well.

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