3 thoughts on “April 8, 1971 Magic”

  1. It’s a good thing for all hockey fans that Therrien wasn’t Orr’s coach. I know a similarly young defenceman who has been repeatedly benched for making fewer and smaller mistakes than Orr did in that game.

  2. That was fantastic! proves what can happen! Hockey, never done till the last moments… seconds really. And to see Beliveau in action again , with the others.,.. such command and presence and of course in them days no helmets or few and far between. I just hope the series coming is as lively in terms of goals, how exciting that wld. be. I am glad you put this up as I never saw that game. I just took that poll at Habsnet, and I went for the Habs in 6games . Turns out that I was among the majority. Mr Todd of the Gazette wrote a fine article and he thinks Habs will win in seven. IT would be wild if they did another sweep! And if that happend o my god wld. the other teams tremble!

  3. “But there were some really unfortunate things, five of them, that happened in the third period.”

    I must take exception with the commentators remarks.

    What’s so unfortunate about kicking Boston’s ass? 😆

    Seriously, Michel Therrien should show this clip to the team to remind them that a game is never over until it’s over.

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