Apparently This Guy Played Hockey

From Sudbury we stopped in at Parry Sound, and I guess there was a guy named Bobby Orr who comes from there and was a hockey player.

I dunno. It seems this was the case.

If anyone can fill me in on this, please do. Was he good? Was he better than Mike Milbury?

I was also under the impression that all Boston Bruins players have big tremendously big noses but he doesn’t seem to, so I’m really confused.

I took some pictures though, because somebody said he was famous, and here they are.

-A sign on the highway.
-The house Orr grew up in, although a lady passing by on a bicycle said it’s changed quite a bit.
-The name of his street, Great North Rd. (He lived just three houses around the corner from the main drag).
-Orr’s Deli, owned by his dad’s brother.
-A big wooden sign in the deli.
-And outside the Orr Hall of Fame, which was closed.

Orr sign

Orr's house

Orr street


Inside deli

Orr hall of fame

2 thoughts on “Apparently This Guy Played Hockey”

  1. Hi Dennis:

    Yes, Bobby Orr, #4 was pretty good….Millbury shouldn’t be in the same locker room.

    Thanks for the post. Brought tears to my eyes when I saw #4’s items at the Hockey Hall of Fame.


  2. Hi Diane. Great to hear from you! In my mind, Orr was the greatest ever. Even though he played for THAT team.
    We’re gradually making our way to Montreal! A big adventure for sure.

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