Anyone Hab An Answer?

The Montreal Canadiens organization has told the Gazette’s Habs Inside/Out to stop using the word “Habs” in their title.

I’ve been at work and have come home to this news and at this point in time, I’ve yet to find out why. It’s something I’m trying to wrap my head around. What does it mean? Why is it so? Does the Canadiens organization own the rights to the word “habitant” which describes early French-Canadian settlers and which is shortened to Habs as an endearing nickname for the Canadiens?

Does it mean it’s only the beginning? Will the team, slowly but surely, attempt to rid bloggers from having the name in their title? If the organization is more than pleased to hear 20,000 fans at the Bell Centre chant “Go Habs Go”, then why the problem elsewhere?

Like I said, I’ve just come home from work and haven’t had a chance to really dig deep and try to find the reasons behind this head-scratching decision from the Habs Canadiens people. But I’m mystified and disappointed. Never in a million years would I have thought it would come to this.

If anyone can find the reasons behind this, please let me know. I’m quite sad about this new development.

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  1. unless the habs, oh i mean les canadien have a copyright on the word habs, a registered trade mark i don’t see how they can do that. is “habs” a registered trade mark? how about the singular “hab”? don’t worry dennis, these are the kind of p.r. mistakes the new owner/stickboy can take care of…………… you haven’t forgotten about the ultimate goal have u?…………….. so why worry.

  2. Hobo, I never thought they had a copright on “Habs.” But you’re right, when I’m owner/stickboy it will be restored and no more bullshit. You nailed it – It’s a p.r. mistake.

  3. Dennis, I’m confused why this is happening. It seems a bit heavy-handed and there has been little explanation so far from either the Canadiens or the Habs Inside Out people.

    Maybe it’s just an elaborate hoax. But probably not since the website has announced they are changing their name to Hockey Inside Out.

    That really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    So I decided to write an open letter to the team’s current owner. I know if you were the owner Dennis, I wouldn’t have to even bother with this because you just wouldn’t let this happen.

    Here it is…


    An open letter to Geoff Molson

    Dear Mister Molson,

    Last week you wrote a great letter of support for Max Pacioretty and ended it by saying:

    “You are the best fans in the league, and I am proud to have you behind us. Both the team and Max need your support now more than ever. A solid playoff run is just around the corner and we are counting on you to carry us deep into the spring!

    GO HABS GO!”

    As one of the best fans in the league I respectfully request that you reconsider the decision with regards to the beloved nickname we use every day with pride when talking about our team.

    I don’t believe for one moment that you agree with this decision. I can tell you are a true fan and this is a not a fan’s decision. It is a corporate decision. It must be the result of an overzealous legal department. trying to defend it’s brand image.

    But this storied franchise’s brand image is under no real threat from anyone who simply uses the name Habs. This hockey club is much greater than that. It is the Montreal Canadiens! And I am at a loss to understand how simply using the word Habs can adversely affect the organization in any way.

    Some things are more important than the almighty dollar. And taking away the name Habs which is part of our every day identity and an immense source of pride diminishes everyone. The word Habs is not a commodity that can be bought, sold and traded. It is our passion.

    If the franchise truly believes we are the greatest fans in the league then it must treat them in a manner that recognizes and respects them. It must act in a manner which is supportive of the people who have stood by their Habs through thick and thin throughout every year of its glorious history.

    Mr. Molson, you asked for the fans’ support last week and they delivered as they always do. Now it is time for the team to demonstrate mutual respect and support toward the fans.

    Therefore, I respectfully request that the Montreal Canadiens reconsider this decision.


  4. xsellnt letter danno………….. if this keeps up we won’t be able to use the word WE, as in WE beat tampa last night.

  5. Hey Dennis, Sad day in Montreal if this what is coming down.I geuss that now my cat ,which was called Hab ,has died I wont be open to any lawsuits eh.There you go,when do Canadians start suing people not from our country for uttering the word EH?We have a copyright on that don’t we?Hey shit we should have a copyright on the original hockey rules and have them enforced once more.I use the word shit quite a bit,I’m gonna get a ruling on this to prohibit anyone else from using this great word.There will be no more sitting down to one,taking one ,leaving one,everyone can just stay full of poop,including these folks who want to stop using the word Hab.

  6. Googling around I found a link to the US trademark office where the team has 2 trademarks on “Habs”. I then went to the Canadian trademark database and found 4 trademarks including “Go Habs Go”. There are also 2 abandoned trademark attempts by someone else. The team must have successfully chased them away.;jsessionid=0001mz92clTZiInZZCi1oT3_mTk:-485M5F?textField1=habs&selectField1=tmlookup_ext&

    The US trademark office link times out so won’t put the results link.

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