5 thoughts on “Answer To The Last Quiz”

  1. Dennis, after a long, hard day at the office I like to come home, sit back, relax and enjoy a nice tall glass of Froz-Ex on the rocks.

    It’s infinitely more stimulating than ginger ale.

  2. Christopher, I wasn’t sure what you meant by Mike’s comment until I went there and read it. If you mean when he said I get all my info from him, he’s only joking. And about finding things, I’ve been combing secondhand stores and classified ads for years, although I’ve slowed down considerably. I was collecting long before eBay but from time to time I might find something unusual on it, but I refuse to pay a lot of money for anything. So if I can find a great deal, I might get it. But over the years it’s been a lot of flea markets and such. And back to Mike, like I say, he was joking. I hope you didn’t think I was relying on my information from him.

  3. Danno, you’re making me thirsty. A nice frosty Froz-Ex. Maybe four or five. “Molson’s Froz-Ex! Enjoy the summer! Get drunk and clean out your arteries while doing it! Molson’s Froz-Ex. Available at a garage or liquor store near you.”

  4. Jokes are what old friends are for but every once in a while they’re also a useful source of information and other stuff.
    I was hoping for a story about Mike stumbling around blind drunk in the Powell River garbage dump after a night of smelly old shack moonshine. He stumbles and drops his bottle of Kane’s really freaking strong beer and in his blindness picked up this bottle instead.

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