Another Shootout Loss

For the second straight night, the Canadiens found themselves in a shootout, and for the second straight night, lost the damn shootout.

Into New Jersey they went, and out they came with a 3-2 loss, which also happens to be the team’s 5th defeat in six games.

And it wasn’t because Toker was between the pipes. It was mostly due to once again being tremendously shitty with the man advantage.

The stage was set though, with just over five minutes remaining in the second period, when, and I have a hard time even writing his name – Scott Gomez – the man who was as useless as can be when he wore the CH, a player I have a harder time looking at than PJ Stock, elbowed Alexei Emelin in the face and received a five-minute major and a game.

The Canadiens couldn’t score during this gift-wrapped situation and it hurt to see it. How I wanted a nail hammered into Gomez’s skull. How I wanted him to see a Habs goal on TV as he sat in the room and smiled and spit.

The boys managed just one shot instead, and Gomez got off scot-free.

Gomez was described as a “wily veteran” by announcers for nailing Emelin after the Russian had crashed Gomez into the boards a minute before. But a wily veteran would have been smarter than that by trying to inflict damage without taking a penalty. Something Howe or Messier knew how to do in spades.

Gomez’s elbow was for all to see. So make that “not wily” and add “incredibly stupid”.

There’s just something about this guy. He and Stock. I wish they’d start up a figure skating school in Reykavik and live happily ever after.

With just over 4 minutes left in the third, with the game still knotted at two apiece, the Habs enjoyed a brief 5 on 3 power play and again, couldn’t score, and at that point, visions of losing in the shootout danced in my head.

They went 1 for 6 on the pp on this night, and along with the lacklustre shootout attempts by Galchenyuk and DD and any other things you can find fault with throughout, it’s as disheartening as can be to see a lifeless and uninspired power play that has crawled along for most of 79 games now and made as much noise and damage as the popguns I played with as a kid when I was Davy Crockett in the field next door.

The boys did take a 2-1 lead in the first though, on goals by Plekanec and Petry, but the Devils tied it in the second period, and that was that until the shootout.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot New Jersey 33-18.

I try not to go on about bad calls if I can help it, but it was a horrible interference call on Alex Galchenyuk in the second period, who, as it showed on the replay, did absolutely nothing to warrant the two minutes. Big league officiating at its finest.

Next up – Sunday in Sunrise, with a 5:00 pm et start.

I’ve always been a big supporter of the Easter bunny.


11 thoughts on “Another Shootout Loss”

  1. Dennis I want Sportsnet fined for stupidity. They argued that Emelin was embellishing. I want to put an elbow into their faces and have them spit up blood and laugh and point and accuse them of embellishing. I truly do. Meanwhile Lacroix needs a different job other than PP coach. Maybe he can go shovel snow or something. What he cannot do is strategize a PP.

  2. Well Dennis yes the. PP sucks and yes weseem yo not do well in the shootouts but I am getting sick and tired of the atrocious officiating yhat seems ti give other teams momentum and cost us points and wins . I have grave doubts for any success in the playoffs if this continues . What is going on this year is that the officials in many games are very inept and not just with the Habs , why can 4 guys not do what 3 used to do better in the past . In the case of Gomez he is not worth talking about . Great write up by the way , thank you .

  3. Dennis, as much as I love them and I truly hate to say this but, the Habs are not playoff ready. I hope I’m very wrong but, I can see an early playoff exit for the Habs.
    An almost non-existent power play will be their downfall.
    All their forwards need to shoot the puck more at the net instead of trying to make fancy passes and plays. Why not have a Habs player stand in front of the apposing goalie during the power play and block their view just like Tomas Holmstrom did for the Wings away back when.
    Too bad Marc Bergevin couldn’t acquire a couple of power forwards during the trade deadline.
    Anyway here’s hoping all the best to you and your family and of course the Habs.

    Best regards,

  4. Our PP sucks!!!!!!!!!!
    When will M/T ever learn to watch film of other teams and see how teams with a good PP move the puck and score and how all players on PP take shots not just 1 or 2. DD while a very good player does not deserve to be on the PP unless he learns that he needs to shoot the puck. 100% of all plays with no shots will amount to 100% of NO scoring. You can’t score unless you shoot the puck and yes sometimes odd things happen thats why you charge the net looking for rebounds. What a waste of talent and PK with his big wind ups just ices the pucks for them on our PP. Don’t we have any ideas or is M/T really insane(doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). I am beyond peeved at this coach. If he can’t get this team motivated after the Tampa loss then he is worse than I thought. I guess M/B is right we are a couple years away as long as we employ M/T as a coach.

  5. Also how does a coach give over 5 minutes of PP time to a player who won’t take a shot?????????????????????

    M/T is short for missing turd.

  6. I’m strongly agreeing with you Dan. We have a timid, non-threatening power play, especially when DD is on the ice. I like the little guy, but his refusal to shoot, especially on the pp, drives me crazy. You’re also right about PK. His big wind up shots aren’t the answer. Crowd the net and have PK get the puck towards the goal, as Bobby Orr and the Bruins did so well back in the day. Low and accurate. I also can’t stand the number of times our shooters miss the net. Overall, I’m sure Bergevin isn’t crazy about MT’s decisions either. In fact, the only ones who love MT’s moves on the pp are the other teams, especially opposing goalies. We’re going nowhere fast if something doesn’t change.

  7. Hi John. It doesn’t seem like they’re ready, unless they’re fooling us (and other teams). Such a pathetic power play, and the penalty killing, which the team was good at, isn’t anymore. Absolutely, like you say, get more players in front of the net, get the puck in, and stop missing the net 99% of the time, which is driving me crazy. You bet a couple of power forwards would have been nice. We thought Smith-Pelly might fit the bill but it doesn’t seem like it. Things don’t look promising, with the playoffs coming up sooner than soon.

  8. Hi Joe. I need one of those sponge bricks so I can throw at the TV. What a power play. What feeble shoot out attempts. And yes, often we see head-scratching officiating. I’m just hoping that the boys can find new life in the postseason, but if DD continues to not shoot, if the power play and penalty killing continue to suck, and only a few guys out of 20 show any consistency, we’re screwed. And if Price gets hurt, we’re screwed beyond screwed.

  9. DK, I think the way we’re playing right now we’re screwed even if Price doesn’t God forbid get injured! The last few games have been to say the least Pathetic!

  10. Coach Thornsack is a sad thing for a coach. He seems to stifle offensive creativity. PK and Markov bombs from the blueline are stale and predictable. Darcey Tucker used to stand to the side of the net and pop a fair # of goals. We go everywhere except to the net with the puck. The goal lite goes on with a puck IN the net NOT somewhere NEAR the net!!!!
    No power play threat allows teams to run roughshod over us with no danger of getting scored on as a result. Folks say playoffs are rougher, tougher and more intense. I say we better have a power play in place.
    So close to some “season bests” by various players all slipping away.

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