6 thoughts on “Another Reason To Hope Boston Gets Flushed”

  1. If there is one orgnization that I have learned to despise it is the Bruins. It’s turning into a hatred for everything about them from the fans, the writers and broadcasters and especially their goon/idiot brigade. By that I mean Colin Campbell and Don Cherry. In the eyes of those two no Bruin will ever be anything but a perfect hockey player doing the perfect hockey play. No one dives, or slashes; abuses fans or cheap shots players. And you can be sure that not one of them will ever be disiplined for anything. No grace there. No sportmanship; nothing but a bunch of whiney, pouty, children who have yet to grow up and learn respect.
    The Flyers I dislike. Immensely. But they don’t try and hide who they are. They are honest about it. Die, Bruins, die!
    Wow now I’m nice and worked up before the game. Thanks Dennis.

  2. Dennis,

    The guy in the Herald is right about one thing. Boston fans are all like Recchi. As we heard after Max got hurt, they all fancy themselves as effing Doctors.

  3. Wow. wasn’t the guy who scored the goal the guy who should have been suspended for contact with a fan?

  4. Don, great comment. There’s about six Bruins I can’t stand the sight of. In fact, I can’t stand to hear their names. I really feel the same as you about them and the more I read comments from Bruins fans and hear their broadcasters etc, the more I despise the whole organization. The only good thing they’ve ever had going for them in my book is Bobby Orr. I’m with you – the Flyers I dislike immensely, the Bruins I can’t even look at. I hope Vancouver embarrasses them completely.

  5. Blue Bayou, as a peace-loving guy from the Woodstock generation, who loves puppies and kittens, who walks little old ladies across the street, I hope the Bruins get pucks wedged between their teeth and up their asses.

  6. It was, Don. But he wouldn’t get suspended because then Colin Campbell would feel bad and his son would feel bad and Gary Buttman would feel bad and we can’t have any of this. And we can be absolutely sure that the NHL big shots are cheering for Boston over Vancouver.

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