Another Night, Another….

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The Canadiens dominated the St. Louis Blues and still lost, this time 4-3 in overtime, and we watch slightly stunned as the team that once led all teams gradually fades into oblivion.

It’s fine that they showed fire and were involved in several scrums and looked like they’re a truly fed up and pissed off group. And it’s fine that they outshot the Blues 49-22.

It’s not so fine that Mike Condon in the third period misplayed the puck behind the net and the Blues tied things up, just a few dozen seconds after Tomas Plekanec, who hadn’t scored since the invention of the turtleneck, finally found the back of the net.

And it’s not fine either that in overtime, Andrei Markov lost the puck and the Blues moved in on Condon and capitalized in gut-wrenching fashion.

The good ship Habs takes on even more water.

Random Notes:

It’s also not fine that they went 1/7 on the power play. Although it’s good that PK, with his third of the season, was the marksman with the man advantage.

The Canadiens’ 49 shots is a season-high, for what it’s worth.

They hold on to the final wild card spot by the skin of their teeth, with five teams breathing down their neck and ready to pounce.

Alexei Emelin crushed Paul Stastny with a clean, bone-rattling check that made my heart soar. I’ve missed the soaring heart, so thanks Alexei.

Max, with his 18th, gave his team a brief 2-1 lead in the second before the Blues tied it a minute later.

Sunday in Chicago.





17 thoughts on “Another Night, Another….”

  1. I think they will have a really tough time putting up a fight against the Blackhawks tomorrow night. Maybe this is the last straw. Then there’s the Bruins who will be seeking revenge on Tuesday for the Winter Classic loss we gave them. And of course the Leafs are relishing the opportunity to kick our asses on Saturday before a national audience. Seriously. How much longer can this torture go on before things get back on track?

  2. Over 26 minutes for Markov, almost double the ice time of Beaulieu and Barberio. Does Therrien not watch the games? Seems obvious to everyone but him that Markov needs to have his minutes managed to remain as a top level defenceman. Last season Markov was completely burnt out in the play-offs. This season it doesn’t look like he’ll make it to the trade deadline.

  3. Sadly my heart is sinking into the abyss as is the train in your pic Dennis . Something needs to change soon . Millionaires playing like ” Minions ” , hope ” The force awakens “soon or we will be drinking more than we should out of the wrong cup . Go Habs Go !

  4. I think the grim reality is that it might take them not making the playoffs for some ‘executive action’…..happened before..will happen again….kind of let’s not rebuild the barn until it burns down logic….Poor Mr.Price who has to be a witness to the dismal performance of his teammates…hope he gets better to play soonest..Condon for the most part is playing well…but the guy needs a break!

  5. I say like I have said for almost 4 years that MT must go. How about an unproven coach like Eric Vielleux from the ECHL as he is young and know how to win and best of all (haha) for MB he is french. We need someone who understands today’s game and is not leaning on tired veterans with tired old legs to play to many minutes. What about the coach we brought in to help our power play? Doesn’t MT ever listen to him anymore because we have gone back to our old ways since the early part of the season success. Also what about the Stats guy we brought in doesn’t MT listen to him as it i clear deployment issues are here and playing Markov on back to backs will be suicide tonight.

  6. It’s true, Christopher. Old Man Markov is getting tired. I think Old Man Therrien is too. And so are old fans.

  7. Joe, at least they played fairly well, although to temper that a bit, the Blues had six regulars out of the lineup. So on any other night, there wouldn’t have been 49 shots probably. It’s all very sad and I need to get to your Legion and drink some beer with you to ease the pain.

  8. All good points, Dan. The coach seems stubborn and plays favourites and wears out the old guys and plays non-snipers on the power play, and I’m really starting to wonder about Bergevin too. I don’t know anything about Vielleux but I like him anyway. You’re right, MT doesn’t seem to understand today’s game.

  9. Ed, they miss Price in different ways. Although Condon’s been good, I’m sure they’d play a different style with Price back there. And Price is basically the captain, even though there’s no C on his sweater. The nagging question is – can they actually turn it around?

  10. My opinion is the Habs must have a french speaking coach…It is simply the historical nature of the team and fan base… Quebec has a large source to draw from….
    Markov is going to be wasted by the time the playoffs come around at 28 mins a game… …If Price is back soon they will make the playoffs I believe….If not they can slum with the Leafs and try and grab one of those big Finnish wingers in the draft that pounded Team Canada juniors at the Worlds during the holidays….

  11. Hi Leaf Fan. French speaking would be good, although he doesn’t have to be French Canadian in my mind. I don’t have any answers. I was just hoping for an excellent season and a huge run in the playoffs. And if they rebuild it’ll be another bunch of years and I’m not getting any younger.

  12. Want some food for thought. This link was posted by “now” on the HIO site. I found it to be an answer(s) to a very confusing situation. I don’t know if firing the coach is possible under MB but this article I think is the best explanation of any I have come across. Actually firing MB may be the best solution.

    I hope you all read it and reflect on it. There are some die hard MB/MT fans on HIO that turn nasty on you if you mention MT/MB as being any part of the problem.

    Also I would like to just add this site is so very professional. Dennis you have a way about you I am sure…..I am still so pleased that I found this site because it offers a calm arena for thought provoking ideas. Great and courteous posters.

  13. Thanks Cliff, for your kind words. It’s a great group of folks who come to my site and it makes me proud. Yes, I read that piece yesterday and it’s really good. She (JT) doesn’t post often on her site but when she does it’s always excellent. I’m so jaded now by this team it really doesn’t bother me as much as it would have in other years. What does bother me is the fact that I’m getting older and need so much to see them be a great team again. But I find myself not trusting management anymore, and in many ways I can’t relate to modern day athletes. It’s all very sad.

  14. You are welcome……I couldn’t have said it better Dennis. Perhaps therein lies the commonality on here…….”the fact that we are getting older and need to see them be a great team again. ” We probably have seen the best of teams ever to play professional hockey ever. Our once Glorious Habs were just that. I have a CD set of the Habs and Red Army I just thought it was one of the finest exhibitions of hockey ever. Quite the same as the Summit Series. The country was fully behind those games. The good old days…that term was profound and still is as it related to about everything…the new fan with the smart phone in hand at the games taking selfies….oh to be young….well actually that would make me feel out of place I once asked my grand-daughter who her favorite team was and her answer surprised me…it was Pittsburg and she arrived at that decision due to a players looks…nice looking….hmmnnn…..she hates MT….

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