Another Night, Another Hero. This Time – Maxim Lapierre

Maxim Lapierre, in front of what seemed like hundreds of fans wearing Montreal sweaters in Florida, did what Andrei Kostitsyn did the other night. The much-improved forward scored three big goals, like Kostitsyn, in leading his team to another big win, this time 5-2 against the Panthers.


This isn’t the first time Lapierre’s had a big game this year. But it’s the first time he’s scored a hat trick, and it was nice to see Guy Carbonneau put the blue collar worker on the ice with Florida’s net empty to let him try to get that third, which he did with only seconds left.


It was a fine win, and everyone played well. And without sounding overly-optimistic, it really looks like the team has picked it up a serious notch.


Now it’s on to Tampa Bay for a Tuesday night visit, and of course we need the two points to end off 2008.


And right now, as you’re reading this, Steve Begin’s cheekbone is still smarting after his enthusiastic scuffle with Anthony Stewart.


Lapierre and Begin. Doing their part for the team. You gotta love it.


Game Notes:


This was the Canadiens’ 3000th franchise win and puts them into fourth place in the east.


It’s a curious thing about Maxim Lapierre. I see a hard-working, valuable player for the Habs, while  announcers like Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire keep reminding us of how much Lapierre is disliked by opposing players around the league. Frankly, I think these guys in the booth are just blowing smoke. 


How much fun must it be to be a snowbird spending your winters in Florida and going to see your team, the Canadiens, when they come-a-calling. There were so many folks in the stands wearing Habs sweaters, and cheering like crazy. Surely it must piss off Panthers fans who must endure this in their own building.

These Habs fans even did the “Carey” chant, and also sang both the ‘na na na, goodbye’ song and the ‘ole’ song. It was almost like watching the game in Montreal.




The Rangers won 5-4 over the Islanders, which is bad news. Why oh why, Islanders, do you have to be so lousy?



7 thoughts on “Another Night, Another Hero. This Time – Maxim Lapierre”

  1. Lapierre has grown so much this year. He doesn’t really chirp much at the opposition either, I’ve noticed. Instead he’s excellent on the faceoffs and is a hard working smart player. Also I think Latendresse is a perfect linemate for him. And it’s good to see him improved so much because he’s got Chipchura’s roster spot which bothers lots of fans. (Though, hey, no problem if they move Max to the 3rd next year and Chipper centers the 4th as he is also a hard working defensive player, unless they make him a winger which works too). Also was proud to see Pleky punch a guy down for digging at Price and score that lovely shorthanded goal.

  2. That was a team out there. Everyone seemed to jive. It really gives me confidence that I could very well be pulling for the right guys. And they killed a 5-3 very nicely.

  3. Lappy is such a work horse and really deserved the hatty last night. He always shows up and plays hard every single shift, he’s been doing that since he was called up from Hamilton two years ago. He’s a much more disciplined player this year and I’m glad he’s doing well.

  4. Maxim always plays hard. And he doesn’t care if your name is Sidney Crosby or David Booth, he’s coming at you with the same intensity.

    Lots of other fans don’t like him, but that’s okay. Fans don’t like Jarkko Ruttuu either, unless he plays for your team. Same with a whole bunch of players.

    Kudos to Carbonneau for keeping him on the ice for the last two minutes to try to get him the hat trick, It makes the players feel like they’ll be rewarded for hard work. Smart coaching move.

    Also, all three of his goals were of the hardworking variety, even the empty netter. He chases a guy behind the net, keeps chasing him, steals the puck, and gets an open-net breakaway. If he peeled off, waited for someone else to get the puck to give him the shot, he never would have had the hat trick.

    Agree with number31 about Plekanec knocking the guy down for slashing Price. Who cares if you got four minutes? Standing up for your teammates also helps build confidence.

    Nice goal too on the shorthanded breakaway.

    Could this be probably the best Habs game all season?

  5. Congrats on a great win Habs fans. Maguire really should look for a new job… hes more suited for like maybe the hair club for men……….Don’t miss today’s press conference with Mats —-Go Canucks Go!!!!It’s Philly’s turn @ GM Place

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