Another Letter. This Time – Ticket Prices

A slight difference in ticket prices from 1984 until now. As you can see, back then prices ranged from 8 bucks to 22. What is it now – $80 to $400?

Blame it on greedy owners, greedy players, greedy agents, lockouts, the union, Glen Sather, Scott Gomez, and the overall state of hockey as we know it. Owners, management, and players in the NHL enjoy riches beyond their wildest dreams by soaking the working stiff. Dads save to buy tickets to take their sons to see a big game, and someone like Gomez floats, does nothing, and then retreats later that night to his mansion to enjoy the fruits of his non-labour..

10 thoughts on “Another Letter. This Time – Ticket Prices”

  1. Steph, everything is out of whack and I’m sick of rich athletes who don’t even work hard most of the time. There are some who deserve big money, and many who don’t. Not millions and millions. Imagine. And a lockout in the future is a possibility.

  2. Dennis, this is much classier than the Leafs’ response to your letter.

    Manon Bruneau has lovely handwriting. I wonder if she is still with the Habs?

    But only $1,628 for a pair of season tickets in the reds. Wow!

    Yes. Times certainly have changed.

  3. Danno, we have to make sure Gomez gets enough money so we pay through our teeth. My stomach is in knots right now about this guy. I hope he laughs his way back to Alaska and I never see his mug again.

  4. That certainly was classy that they sent a personalized and signed letter. I doubt anyone would do that today!

  5. Digs, please have a look, if you get a chance, at my other letters over in “Letters” in Categories. Ane yes, the Canadiens have always been very classy.

  6. To get season tickets now you have to go on a 7 year waiting list. You also have to pay an annual fee to remain on that list – imagine that. If they call and you say no, you’re off the list and have to start over. Incredible.

    If you can get tickets for the actual ticket price you’re lucky. I usually have to pay about 150$ for a 70$ ticket (roughly). To get reds from a scalper or a connection can cost up to 800$ (depending on the game). Picture shelling that amount out and seeing a crappy game where we don’t show up.

    It’s all greed now. Everyone wants money money money. You can’t even walk into the Bell Centre without getting people coming after you to buy something.

  7. Thanks for putting things in perspective, Dennis, and now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go throw up now. These guys make wayyyy too much money.

  8. Am I the only one who finds a cursive typewriter font a little disturbing.

    Here are this year’s season ticket pricing (mostly half season), with the fees, rules and waiting list length.
    Big $$$ to watch a lot of crappy teams.

    The 5-10 game partial plan mini packs.
    Expensive but many of these would be worth it.

    And individual prices
    What would really piss me off is the service charge to get the ticket.
    $5 to send an email? WTF?
    $7 to let you pick it up at the Bell Centre? They need to see your letter.

  9. Very interesting, Christopher. And they sure do do anything for nothing, not even an email after you’ve spent so much. This is really something. I dreamed all my life to have season tickets, but with so many boring teams and to go out in the cold and fight for a parking space and have to get up early the next day, it wouldn’t be for me anymore. The mini-packs, maybe, but not the full season. And if I’m going to even buy a mini-pack, I’d need great seats. Chris, when I’m owner, things will change. That’s for sure.

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