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I set my PVR to record the Habs-Flyers game, went to work, and avoided the computer and radio for hours so I wouldn’t know the score. I almost made it. A fellow I know drove his semi off the ferry later in the evening, opened his window and yelled at me, “Habs 4-1!”

But I also really liked it when I heard the score. So it was a good/bad thing.

For the time being at least, the Montreal Canadiens find themselves a lofty 5th overall in the league and 2nd in the east after taking it to the Philadelphia Flyers Saturday night at the Bell, although some dark clouds may have drifted in. Brendan Gallagher, Max Pacioretty, Colby Armstrong, and Alexei Emelin all left the ice, and we’ll hear soon enough whether the team just took a major hit in the body count department, or whether some serious bullets just got dodged.

Imagine if Max is down for the count? One thing after another. Where’s his Guardian Angel for goodness sakes? And Gallagher. Imagine if he’s gone for awhile? What a sensational young player this guy is, and until he disappeared into the infirmary, he’d recorded a goal and an assist and was a man on a mission. Armstrong’s been playing better lately, seems to have turned a small corner, and now he might be down. And Emelin is a guy who goes about his business of making players on other teams keep their heads up.

We need these guys back right away, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Random Notes:

PK Subban made an amazing defensive play when the game was 2-0 Habs. With the net wide open, he slid across and blocked a Philly shot that seemed a sure goal, and if there’s any justice, it’ll be on all the highlight packages for the next twenty-four hours or so. Unless TSN and others decide to show more Colton Orr fights.

Shots on goal, Habs 29, Broad Streeters 19.

Next up – Monday, when the Carolina Hurricanes pay a visit.

Peter Budaj in nets was solid as can be and stopped some quality chances from the Flyers, although there weren’t a lot. The Flyers showed very little zip tonight.

Whenever I see camera shots of Philly coach Peter Laviolette, his face and hair somehow reminds me of Reggie Mantle from Archie comics. Next time you see the Flyers, dig out your Archies and see what I mean.

Rene Bourque was hauled down when he had the puck and the net was empty, so he was simply given the goal, even though it never went in. This is not something that occurs on a regular basis. In fact, I can’t remember seeing this. Although me not remembering things isn’t all that unusual.

Along with Bourque, scorers were Gallagher, Desharnais, and Tomas Plenanec, with his seventh of the season.

A fine but maybe costly win for the Habs. It’s three straight now, and the bleu, blanc et rouge are way up the standings. Although that could change within hours. Imagine if we wouldn’t have blown those third period leads against Boston and Buffalo.

11 thoughts on “Another In The Win Column”

  1. Agree that Peter = Reggie!

    When my kids were young(er) I had them promise not to tell me the final score, but it doesn’t work when they’re that young. They either can’t keep it in or would say something like: ok, mommy, but you can fast forward cause nothing happens until the 3rd period. Other times just their smiles would give away the winner.

  2. DK, I don’t remember seeing that before, but it may be in the rule book if a player throws his stick to prevent a goal. I’m happy it counted but to be fair the D man was spinning around & I don’t think he intentionally threw his stick.

  3. RDS reports that Pacioretty suffered a cut by a skate in the rib area. Renau Lavoie says it is unclear if he will play on Monday. Knowing how quickly Pacioretty heals it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Maybe the Habs should consider Kevlar sweaters or T shirts for the players in light of the above incident.

  4. Pacioretty amazingly made it to Brossard for the practice. So did Emelin. But Price did not show up since he is still recovering from the flu. PK Subban also stayed home due to the flu.

  5. Update on Gallagher via Twitter @CanadiensMTL:

    Michel Therrien – “Brendan Gallagher has a concussion. We’re following the protocol.”

  6. Danno, I said a couple of posts back that the Habs mandate in the Flyers game was to not get any injuries. Then four happened. I won’t be talking like that again.

  7. Mike, I thought it slightly unusual, but it would have been a sure goal so I guess it was the right call.

  8. Thanks BSA. It seems it might be only Gallagher we have to be concerned about. I was worried we might have lost a fifth of our roster, but it seems not. Here’s hoping Gallagher’s okay. He’s been outstanding so far. I w

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