Another Important Standings Synopsis

Just a little re-examining of the standings.

Boston lost 4-3 to Tampa Bay today. This doesn’t mean anything as far as the Habs and the standings go. It just feels good to say that Boston lost. Hah! Boston lost. LOSERS!

But back to business. Carolina beat Colorado today 5-2. Colorado, you pathetic bunch of mountain dwellers. Can’t even beat Carolina? Don’t you understand what this means in the eastern standings? Did you lose on purpose?

Carolina now has 67 points. Which means they’re one point out of a playoff spot, with Florida, Buffalo, and the Rangers all at 68 points. It also means they’re only two behind Montreal, who have 69 points.

Montreal plays Vancouver on Tuesday, are in Philadelphia Friday, and then meet and greet the San Jose Sharks on Saturday. All these teams are definitely beatable, although San Jose has been on a roll lately, like, since the beginning of the season. But it doesn’t mean they don’t lose. Heck, they’ve already lost, gulp, eight times this year. Philadelphia sits two points ahead of the Canadiens with 71 points, so naturally that’s a huge game too. And Vancouver? They broke out of their slump like the Habs are hopefully in the process of doing, but if I listed all the reasons why Montreal needs to win this particular game, it could take hours and you need to eat and sleep and do various other things. Yes, they need to beat Vancouver.

So it’s three big games, and after that it’s trade deadline day on March 4th. A really big ten days coming up for the Montreal Canadiens. And you and I.

And the way I see it unfolding is this; Alex Kovalev will be the new Alex Kovalev. Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak will be the new Price and Halak. Mathieu Schneider will hit the net. And Andrei Kostitsyn, and his brother if he comes back, will find new friends. Preferably from a church group.

12 thoughts on “Another Important Standings Synopsis”

  1. One day I’ll take up yoga so I can learn how to relax…. I’ve been a huge ball of tension over the last month….. in the mean time….. *freaks out* C’mon Habs! Win!

  2. Yoga is good. Iengar yoga is the best – physical, demanding, rejeuvenating. The downward dog does it all! Three cheers for yoga!

  3. Number 31 – That’s right! Maybe it’s one less team to be concerned about. You know, I never even thought of him when I wrote that. Thanks!
    And Jim, is there a quickie Yoga course out there? I think I could use it.

  4. Dennis,

    There are many different types of `yoga’ but underlying all of them is a philosophical/spiritual set of beliefs. Iengar yoga is a form of Hatha yoga which uses various `props’ to enable students to better practice the exercises that are designed to not only release the physical tensions but, perhaps more importantly, the inner emotional/psychic ones … hehe, it might help you deal with the current Habs crisis. My personal take is that doing the exercises is an excellent vehicle for realizing the former goal. As for the latter, I have my own philosophy/weltanschauung and do not seek outside myself for any kind of external authoritarian guidance (excluding Topham’s player profiles … hehe) which is not to say I am closed to other ways of understanding things as they are and/or are not.

    More practically, I suggest you contact your local civic centre. Very likely there are yoga courses offered at a reasonable cost. Try it out. Go easy. Give yourself a chance to learn how to appreciate its definite benefits without being unduly influenced by other aspects that really only enter into the picture if that is what you need. The best gift I ever received was from a friend who gave me 10 lessons – it made a huge difference, especially re my lower back problems.

    If you do decide to go, don’t take the wife, take Jordy – more likely than not, there will be a mob of very attractive very flexible young damsels who will be charmingly tolerant of your every grunt. Oh yeah, I do wish I had discovered yoga loooong before I hit the mid-forties which, sigh, now seem young to me.

    UNSOLICITED BUT VERY GOOD ADVICE: Young doods, if U wanna meet really hot girls – sexy, good-looking, smart, accomplshed, stable – don’t waste your time in bars!

  5. Great blog, Dennis. Love the humor! By the way, where does Florida get off thinking that they’re allowed to be in the playoff race? Here’s hoping they ship off Bouwmeester before the deadline and give the Habs a little more breathing room in the playoff race. (Three months ago, you would have been put in a mental hospital for mentioning the words “Habs” and “playoff race” in the same sentence.)

  6. I also would love to see Bouwmeester in a Habs uniform, but it’s going to cost something like Higgins, P.K. Subban, and a first rounder, so it’s simply not worth it. Also, after getting Schneider, I think the Habs should go after a first line center. I don’t know if Olli Jokinen is the perfect answer, but unless they could get Vinny, which I think is very improbable, I think Olli is the best option.

  7. Jokinen is a good option for many reasons, first of which of course is the player you’re getting. He’s not Vinny, but he’s one of the best goalscoring centers in the league, he’s big, and he crashes the net.
    But the other factors which make him very interesting are:
    1) He’s under contract for one more year. So we wouldn’t be renting a player, a concept I really don’t like.
    2) He really doesn’t fit in Phoenix and they’re actively trying to move him, so the price wouldn’t be too steep (like with Vinny).

  8. Dave and James, you both make good sense. Giving away Subban seems like too much. And Jokinen is a good option, but he’s not that elusive French-Canadian star the team needs. I also don’t like the renting concept, like Sundin, so Jokinen makes sense that way too. I’m serious when I say I learn a lot from the comments I see on these pages.
    And EP, the Kostitsyn’s need yoga for sure. They can have all the booze and girls when they’re retired.

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