Another Friggin’ Nosedive?

I’m trying to make this interesting but it’s tough. It’s about numbers for goodness sake. Basic numbers, because I’m not smart enough for anything more.

In a nutshell, it seems the Habs could pretty well repeat their crappiness of a year ago if they don’t soon get their shit together.

Of course we remember last year. The year the Canadiens completed their worst season in history, finishing a pathetic 22nd of 30 teams after rolling over just about everyone in October and November.

But things would be different this year, we said! Again they dominated in October and we loved that. Dominating, with a healthy Carey Price! My spot on Ste. Catherine for the parade was already figured out.

Then, slowly but surely, teams started dominating them and it hasn’t seemed to stop. Colorado, a truly pathetic team, the worst in the league, kicked their ass last night. The Habs have sucked for weeks and weeks now. And Carey Price is looking mighty ordinary.

Last year, the year from hell, the Habs collected a feeble 82 points, not even close to going to the dance. Detroit needed 93 points to nail down the final playoff spot in the Atlantic Division.

Montreal has 68 points so far this year, meaning they’ll need at least 25 points in their remaining 27 games to reach 93 points.

No problem, you say? Great! I love your outlook. It’s basically .500 hockey needed, which they’ve barely managed to do lately, but which is lousy at the best of times and completely unacceptable for demanding Habs fans.

Last season, after 82 games, the Canadiens scored 221 goals and had 236 scored against them.

This year, after 63 games, the boys have scored 158 times, and allowed 138.

So after bringing up the trusty calculator, I see that they’ll need 2.33 goals a game for the rest of the season, and also allow 3.5 goals, to match the output from the season from hell.

2.33 goals a game might be asking a lot. And they definitely could allow 3.5. The clouds are getting darker.

During the last four games, which they lost of course,  the boys scored a total of 3 goals.

The seven games before that, they scored 17 times, which works out to 2.42 goals per game, almost identical (2.69) to last year’s pathetic display.

I could go back further in the season because I have the good old S.H.I.T.S. (Scientific Habs Information Tracking System) in front of me, but the heck with it. Your eyes are closing and so are mine.

They’re falling apart again after a great start. Just like last year. With a healthy Carey Price this time around.




17 thoughts on “Another Friggin’ Nosedive?”

  1. Finally Dennis you have posted a correct post of your beloved Habs. Price is below an average goaltender, the team should do a walk of shame through downtown Montreal and no more FAKE news about the Habitant. Say goodbye to another season while the Leafs trump you and visit the playoffs while you Habs on the golf course in April again.

    Go Hawks Go

  2. Hey Dennis, I’d be seriously thinking about a coach swap. Therein has lost his ability to motivate these guys…Captain Kirk is on the horizon I’m thinking and that’s ok by me and d numerous other fans I e seen on the net today. It has come time for Bergevan to admit he fucked up and try and get the team going again.

  3. Hi Derry. Yep, Therrien can’t seem to motivate them. They’re playing like shit. Maybe a trade, maybe fire the coach, or maybe, just maybe, they just aren’t very good.

  4. Montoya is looking better than Price. What the hell is going on with all of them? They were better when they had all the injuries. They are so damn frustrating!

  5. Would they respond to Claude Julien? Least he doesn’t just stand there with his hands in his pocket and dump & chase de boy. A sad-sack team of late……but Thornbush HAS GOTTA GO !!!!!

  6. It’s difficult to get excited about a team associated with a league who’s bottom line is profit…and not the quality of play nor loyalty to the fans that pay mega bucks that sit in the stands with their $135 jersey..’.no longer is it sport…but just a business…the same goes with the music industry.
    As Donald Trump would say,.,…”so sad…so sad”

  7. I feel the same, Ed. It doesn’t have the same soul now. The most important thing in these guys’ lives is their agent. He’s almost like family to them.

  8. Yeah, Thornbush. We’ll see how it all plays out now. Will they continue to free fall? If so, he should be out the door. Two years in a row of starting well and finishing poorly is way too much.

  9. Hi Dennis … are slipping into the hole here man. We will make the playoffs still…quite sure. You know MT has been coach now going on 5 seasons I believe. Motivation gets lots of reference on the various sites and I wonder recently how much of a motivator MT is. Really he is a scornful looking man and when he does seem lighthearted and laughs it sounds like someone choking on a cigarette. Sorry for speaking like that but it is how I feel. These players do need motivation speak sometimes. Imagine this guy with his broken English and mostly one syllable words and 5 years of this. That must get old quickly. Look I am not anti-French in anyway but if you are hired because of a language how about considering who you are addressing with that language. Many of the players are English and perhaps it is time for management to think this over. The politics of Quebec doesn’t play hockey on the ice. Sorry for the rant but this BS on having a French speaking coach is counter to common sense strictly speaking applied to playing hockey. Get an interpreter if necessary. In conclusion I still feel the team has some talent and should be doing better than the recent record indicates. They have demonstrated that on occasion but they also need to get meaner and you know what that will take. Petry has to be the softest player on the team. There are far too many soft players on this team and then you throw in MT’S and MT’s boring system and you have what we have….the most unpredictable and boring team in recent history.

  10. Hi Cliff. They MIGHT make the playoffs. But they need to play better than .500 hockey if they’re going to. I was sure they’d have no problem making it, until I saw their play in these last few weeks. They’re soft and disorganized. And goaltending hasn’t been great. And I still think they’re too small for a brutal playoff run. But I could be wrong and I hope I am. I think Petry does a lot of good things out there, but yes, he doesn’t have a lot of jam. He’s a good skater with a good shot, but he lacks a mean and aggressive style. Max, as a power forward, doesn’t have a mean streak either, and won’t fight. Everyone dumps on Emelin but I’ve always liked his old school ways. And he won’t fight for a good reason. He has steel plates in his face. My post basically meant they’ve been a very ordinary team after October. That’s not good enough, because the window is small and we need a Cup back in Montreal.

  11. Dennis I agree with your post. I was trying humour but it failed. I didn’t think they would go far post season even before the last streak of poor play. They just could not stand up to the intensity of the playoffs….on Emelin I think he has been one of the most consistent of all the defensemen on the club all year.

  12. Has a coach ever been benched? I’d love it it Bergevin told Therrien to stay home next road trip and let Muller handle the team. Therrien will bench players for minor mistakes, why can’t he be benched for years of under performance? To save face, maybe he can come down with a bad cold. That way everyone can get a preview of how the team will do with a head coach that has shown that he is better at instructing and motivating players. Muller can probably also better adapt within games which we’ll especially need in the play-offs.

    Or maybe this slump is part of the plan. Therrien may think making it to the second round will get him another year. By sliding to second or third spot in the division we’ll have an easier Senators or Leafs team to beat in the first round. Coincidentally, both those teams have a new head coach we should have gotten instead. Probably both Babcock and Boucher would have preferred Montreal if they had the chance.

  13. so many came with the resume of driving the net, clearing our net front, gritty play etc. Till they wear the CH for a few weeks. They become pansies…..EVEN Weber…….and don’t knock the water bottle off the fence post. No goonery, just a solid hit to get them off the puck…..and make Carey feel wanted!We got skill enough to bring The Bell faithfull to their feet, but Thorncrap puts shackles on ALL creativity .If Coach stays……..Price skips town first chance he gets. MB should be held to task and exit Thorncrap.I don’t want goons, just guys to use their shoulders within the rules. Put Shaw on ice till we get a coach who can steer his energy. Sorry for my rant and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. We’re in this manure spreader together as denied fans.

  14. Peter you hit it on the head maybe. I have heard that MT wants the players to only hit if it means dislodging the puck but otherwise making contact would be a second choice. Worded a bit differently than that but essentially correct. Weber has been really missing in action out there lately. This team is really almost embarrassingly shy to use the body. Sadly the GM and coach believe in defense first and we have lost any enjoyment for a long time likely. Hockey is not really much fun to watch when you eliminate checking and like you I am not saying goonrey but really if the team is to be a success in post season they will have to find a way to take the body. Doubtful if this can be switched on over night. So I believe MB and MT has to go before we see anything that resembles an entertaining product from our once glorious team. Very disappointed in this team because I hoped this season with eh addition of Weber and Shaw that MB was in tune for a change in style.

  15. What a great idea, Christopher. Bench the coach. Make him collect the pucks after practice. So now we wait for a few things – Will they play better than .500 hockey for the remaining 27 games? Will they average more than 2.50 goals for per game? And will Therrien get benched? Oh, and will they halt their winless streak tonight?

  16. Exactly, Peter and Cliff. They’re a soft team and I thought it would be the opposite with Weber and Shaw. I thought Weber would be an absolute beast around the crease. I thought Shaw would double the Gallagher presence. But like you guys said, they went soft playing under Therrien. I don’t like the idea of goons, but I sure like the idea of guys dropping their gloves from time to time.

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