Another Fine Example Of A Dastardly Bruins Fan Being Dastardly


Why is this man unhappy? Because he just played in Boston, that’s why. No, a fan didn’t grab his stick and wouldn’t let go, and he wasn’t thronged by madmen in black and yellow jerseys while trying to pee out his Molsons, and his wife wasn’t called choice names that associated her with dimly-lit districts in Bangkok. It was much worse. Much worse. Oh, those Boston fans.

Here’s the sordid details about what happened to the great Emile “Butch” Bouchard. .

One night when the Canadiens were in Boston, Butch was doing his usual thumping and bumping and mauling, and a really upset female Bruins fan came up behind him at the bench and stuck the poor guy in the rear end with her hatpin. “Please don’t do that,” pleaded Butch. And the worst part was, several Boston cops moved in and tried to arrest him for bothering the lady. But before they could reach Butch, several of his teammates pushed him back on the ice where he was safe. After the game, Habs coach Dick Irvin charged Bruins manager Art Ross with initiating the plot to get Bouchard, although it was later established that Ross was sick in bed at the time and was nowhere near the rink that night.

Oh, those Bruins fans.

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