Another Excellent Bee Hive

Recently I had yet another birthday and my wife Luci suggested I go on the internet and buy something for myself, which I thought was a great idea. So I found a George Robertson Bee Hive and bought the sucker. She also took me out to a pub, where I found several beer and bought those too.

George’s Bee Hive is exceptionally rare, mainly because he spent only 31 games with the Canadiens over two seasons, and after that it was off to a long and winding road through the minors. He played one game as a Hab during the 1947-48 season with no points, then managed two goals and five assists in 30 games the following year. So kids didn’t really want his Beehive all that much. They were mostly leaning toward the Rocket and Beliveau and the other stars for their Bee Hive fix. I know I was.

I have a game-used Billy Reay hockey stick from 1948, signed by the team, and I was looking at it the other day and noticed that George Robertson’s signature is included, which I thought was kinda neat. I’d forgotten about that.

George’s numbers can be seen here – George Robertson. And I don’t care if a guy played one game with the Habs or a thousand. He still wore the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens, which to me is as good as it gets.

10 thoughts on “Another Excellent Bee Hive”

  1. Marc, I’d take George Robertson over Gomez any day. And I never saw him play. But I’ll bet he gave his all and worked for peanuts – the exact opposite of Gomez.

  2. Bit of trivia – Billy Reay is credited with the tradition of lifting one’s stick to celebrate/signal a goal after scoring as per his hockey card from The Canadiens Centennial Card Set…….

  3. Ah come on Dennis, you don’t mean that about Gomez!

    Which would be your least favorite sports item: A signed Gomez stick or a personalized autographed Brad Marchand photo?

    I was on youtube and found this old hockey cartoon from Disney:

    Not the greatest thing ever but interesting in a way. I think Warner Brothers could have done a better hockey cartoon.

  4. Darth, I’d take the Gomez stick and hit Marchand over the head with it. And then Gomez after that.

  5. I like the way you think Dennis. If you take that stick after clobbering those two and shove it up Chara’s behind sideways, I’ll buy you a drink.

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