8 thoughts on “Another Early Start”

  1. The In Memorium portion of the Oscar broadcast will be sponsored by the Montreal Canadiens since our season is dead as well.

    We could have a special awards ceremony to celebrate our season:

    Best lame excuse for coughing up the puck that lead to a game-winning goal for the other team.

    Best excuse as for why some players only score once in a blue moon.

    Best straight-faced lying player praising Gomez and his contributions.

    Best lame excuse as for why the other team won when obviously ours didn’t show up.

    Best missed net by a forward.

    Best missed net by a defenceman.

    Best worst goal let in at the worst possible time.

    Best facial tick that implies impending madness for Randy Cunneyworth.

    Best least-passionate appearance for a crucial game.

    Best pass across the ice that was stolen that lead to a breakaway that led to a goal against us.

    Best game we should have won easily but didn’t.

  2. And the Oscar for highest cameras in the league – the Bell Centre.
    Best laughing and smiling – Scott Gomez
    Best trick – Kaberle stealing my one year old grandson’s hockey stick when no one was looking.
    Best impression of Rip Van Winkle – Andre Kostitsyn
    Best con job – A beer brewery selling their beer for 10 bucks.
    Best disaster movie – Putting these guys in the honoured sweater of the Montreal Canadiens.

  3. All the big-wigs are in attendance. I suppose a last hurrah to their ineptness, inability to judge talent, and short-sightedness with trades and free agency. Or to celebrate Gomez’ contract extention…

  4. Damn, I will still have to goto van-habs game in 12 days. But i’ll be damned if I’m wearing my habs jersey or my hat. I’ll wear my Fairwinds Glof Club hat. If I ear my jersey, I’m gonna bring a paper bag. So embarrassing. I wonder how the players feel? I wonder if their parents are proud of this sorry sack of shits. I hope PG unloads at least 5-10 of these losers.

  5. And did u see weiss give it to PB after his goal. Pathetic our D-men didnt have the balls to take him down. Glad I have never played on any soccer teams as heartless as this. Even someof my losing teams had more heart and energy than these men.

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