Another Day, Another Loss. Why Do We Even Bother?

Doug Jarvis says the team is now concentrating on their defensive play rather than being overly offensive. This is something, he says, that needs to be fixed quickly.

It’s a good thing they’re doing that. They only let in five goals. Imagine if they weren’t concentrating on defense.

This whole thing has gotten way too old. It’s not funny. I mean, there’s slumps, and then there’s slumps. On behalf of all good Habs fans, I say this is way out of control and it’s time to put an end to it. (Bob Gainey, listen to your fans.)

And do you realize just how difficult it is to try to write a Habs blog when they lose every game? I’m thinking of changing my topic. Maybe about a day in the life of maggots and lice and cockroaches and other less appreciated and often misunderstood living creatures. It’s got to be better than a blog about the Habs, who lose every night.

Pittsburgh, the team Montreal lost to tonight, is hoping to catch the Canadiens. Montreal couldn’t have lost to a worse team tonight.

But as good Habs fans, we’re gonna stay with them, I suppose. Maybe vomit a few times, but we’re gonna stay with them.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec had two goals, Andrei Kostitsyn, one, and Mathieu Schneider scored on a power play, if anybody cares.

I have a feeling we’re going to have to get used to hearing announcers say, “Schneider shoots, and misses the net.” And because I was once assistant coach of a tyke house-league team, I feel I’m qualified to offer this advice. If you hit the net, you have a chance to score.

With Robert Lang out, and Alex Kovalev in purgatory, my thoughts tonight turned to Alex Tanguay. How come he’s not back yet? It seems like he’s been out forever. 

Carey Price looked okay but not great.

Ottawa visits the Bell Centre on Saturday. Quick reminder, the game’s an afternoon game. 3pm eastern and 12 pacific. Or then again, if you didn’t feel like watching, I don’t blame you.

4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Loss. Why Do We Even Bother?”

  1. I’ve had a terrible flu-ish bug for about 4-5 weeks making me nauseous for much of the day. Thanks to you, I just figured out that it’s probably not a medical ailment, but may be caused by the way the Canadiens are playing. And that doesn’t bode well for my insides!

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