3 thoughts on “Another Darth Dandy!”

  1. Thanks for posting them Dennis. I appreciate it a lot! In the next few months I am going to go to a print shop – I want to see what some of these will look like then.

    There is a place online that could sell these – as prints and on t-shirts, pillows, etc. I may give that place a shot as well.

  2. Right on Darth. It’s great work you’re doing and you need to take it to higher steps. Prints and such are a great idea.

  3. Well done Darth you have a gift! I’m afraid I could not do what you do, I’m lucky if I can turn the computor on & then type with my index finger. Kids stand & stare at my huge calous on that finger & run in horror.
    Your idea sounds great but make sure you patent or copy write your magical renderings so as not to let someone steal your imagination & your identity!

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