Another Darth Dandy!

Darth’s newest, this one of the kids Gallagher and Galchenyuk, joins his sensational library.

Here they are, the whole bunch up till now, in all their splendor.

Thanks Darth. Keep ’em coming.


PK Subban 2





3 thoughts on “Another Darth Dandy!”

  1. Thanks for posting them Dennis. I appreciate it a lot! In the next few months I am going to go to a print shop – I want to see what some of these will look like then.

    There is a place online that could sell these – as prints and on t-shirts, pillows, etc. I may give that place a shot as well.

  2. Right on Darth. It’s great work you’re doing and you need to take it to higher steps. Prints and such are a great idea.

  3. Well done Darth you have a gift! I’m afraid I could not do what you do, I’m lucky if I can turn the computor on & then type with my index finger. Kids stand & stare at my huge calous on that finger & run in horror.
    Your idea sounds great but make sure you patent or copy write your magical renderings so as not to let someone steal your imagination & your identity!

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