Another Damn Point

A fun and exciting game at the Bell Centre Saturday night, and with the Canadiens falling 3-2 to the New York Islanders in a shootout, they still get that lousy loser point, and we don’t want points. Not if they’re going to lose. Not with some highly-ranked young stud waiting to be plucked from the draft list.

How come they can’t even lose properly?

The Habs now sit 15th in the east, which translates to fourth worst overall, which means with our luck we’ll end up with someone like a Benoit Pouliot-type in the draft. Pouliot went 4th in 2004 draft and as we all know, is a journeyman at best.

But who knows who we’ll get and how well he’ll play? Why am I being so negative?

Fans got their money’s worth on this night, especially when PK Subban wound up. I can’t say enough about this guy and the way he skates and moves the puck. Intensity oozes through every pore, and when he plays like he did tonight, that alone is worth the price of admission. I’m worn out just looking at him, and thanks to him, there’s no way I can finish the crown moulding I started today. I’m just too tired. Thanks PK. I mean it.

Once again the Desharnais, Cole, Pacioretty line played like the Punch Line, although the only point from any of them came from Desharnais in the shootout. But they skated well, and were a big presence in overtime. And Peter Budaj, in nets played really well and even managed an assist on Louis Leblanc’s goal. Budaj has been exceptional in his last two starts and if he keeps this up, he’ll make us all forget Alex Auld. (bada bing bada boom).

Aaron Palushaj scored his first NHL goal and now that that monkey’s off his back, we expect a few more now and again.

That’s four extra innings in a row now for the Habs, in which they’ve won one but got points in all four.

But I don’t really care. As long as we don’t get a Benoit Pouliot-type when all is said and done.

Random Notes:

Islanders outshot Montreal 38-30.

Rene Bourque was booed on occasion tonight. To be blunt, he deserves it. (Although he scored in the shootout).

The Canadiens, if you’re interested, have won 5 of their last 17 games.

Next up, Wednesday in Buffalo. There are nine games left in this season, and then we can settle down and go about the business of fixing this freaking situation. I’m currently looking for a good deal on tar and feathers.

It’s the 57th anniversary of the Richard Riot, and I felt because I’ve written several stories about this in the past, I decided to forgo it this time. You already know all the details anyway.

16 thoughts on “Another Damn Point”

  1. 9 games left? Crap. As lousy as this season has been I still like to watch them and being without them for the next 5 months or so is a real bummer.

    I think these points are my fault. I installed this Habs light that I got for Christmas recently and I only turn it on on game days. The result? Points. I guess I should have installed it right at Christmas and maybe we’d be in the playoffs. Oops.

  2. Dennis, it really should have been two points for Montreal.

    The Islanders’ second goal by Streit should never have counted because Ryan White (who didn’t have the puck) was slammed to the ice at the blue line – by Parenteau I think. This should have been an interference call but the refs somehow missed it.

    Cunneyworth had a conversation with the refs after that goal and so did Josh Gorges.

  3. Sorry, it wasn’t Parenteau it was Matt Moulson who should have got the interference call.



    Streit got the Islanders on the board early on the power play at 2:00 of the second. The ex-Canadiens defenseman took the puck from behind his own net and skated down the ice before going five-hole on Budaj.

    “On the power play, going like that is pretty special and in this building is even better for me,” Streit said. “There was a collision in front of me and I just took advantage of it. I wasn’t expecting to do that, but things happen out there and you’ve got to react to it.

    “That’s what I did and I was fortunate enough to pull it off and score.”

    It was a collision that Canadiens coach Randy Cunneyworth felt was a missed interference call by the officials. Canadiens winger Ryan White skated backwards into a waiting Moulson at the Montreal blue line.

    “That is called so often and it was so blatant that we couldn’t believe our eyes,” he said. “It was probably a set play that they had that they use once a game because the next time they do it, it’s going to get called for sure, if it doesn’t get called on the first.”


  4. Danno, I thought it was interference too but I didn’t see anyone complain and I couldn’t understand what was said on RDS so I just let it slide. But the guy definitely took our guy out of the play, like a pick.

  5. Darth, so it’s YOUR fault. Damn. I’m thinking if you send money here to help pay for the tar and feathers, I’ll forgive you.
    Yes, it’ll be five months without them. No Gomez, no Kaberle. Damn. But seriously, it’s going to suck. I’ll continue to post every day in the off-season if you’ll take a peak now and then.

  6. I’ll always be around Dennis and check every day. I’ll desperately need my daily Habs fix.

    Look at this sweet work by our own Gallagher:

  7. Why can’t NHLers always work as hard as Gallagher did there? They did when younger. The other thing I noticed is that he retrieved his own glove. Once in the NHL, it becomes equipment manager or linesman duty to clean the ice of equipment.

  8. Darth, he’s a good one all right, and thanks for sending this. I just wish he was about two inches taller (he’s 5’9). But maybe he wouldn’t be as good if he was bigger.

  9. The problem with this summers draft is that the 2 best pure talents are Russian with Yakupov and Grigorenko on the Ramparts…

    These guys could be in the KHL in 3 years…..high risk picks

  10. Thanks Danno. I see Grigorenko at number 7. I wonder what happened. he’s been number two for ages. I believe the top ten is a crapshoot, except for maybe the top two who usually do well. So even if Montreal ends up choosing sixth for example, it could work out better than third.

  11. Leaf fan, but at least they’re playing in Canada now and know the culture and probably speak decent English. Maybe they’re high risk but I feel they’re not. Especially when they get a taste of the NHL. I don’t think playing in the KHL is all that wonderful, for anybody. It’s just not up to NHL standards in so many ways.

  12. Dennis, Grigorenko is still #2 in the official NHL central scouting ranking for skaters playing in North America.

    That list is by TSN’s Craig Button, he’s had Grigorenko between #6 and #9 all year. TSN’s Bob McKenzie has a different list as well and he puts Grigorenko at #2 like the NHL.

    It’s a good sign, hopefully the teams better at tanking will go for a defenceman and let the big centreman come to us. Another good sign is that they came here to play on a junior team and get better at the North American game. If they weren’t interested in the NHL, they could have signed in the KHL for much more than they’re making now. And if/when they get a local girlfriend, they’re hooked to stay.

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