Another Brief Bee Hive Moment. We’re All Related To Jacques Plante.

Another Bee Hive from group 2 (1944 to 1964). I have 55 of these from group 2, all Habs. There’s 77 Montreal players in total from this group.


One of my sisters lives in Ottawa and works at Chapters book store downtown. In her letter the other day, she wrote, “I had a customer one day…his name is Jacques Plante. I asked him if he’s related to THE Jacques Plante. He smiled and said, “We’re ALL related to him.”

3 thoughts on “Another Brief Bee Hive Moment. We’re All Related To Jacques Plante.”

  1. On a total unrelated point, you should read The Habs: An Oral History Of The Montreal Canadiens, 1940-1980 by Dick Irvin. Best Habs book ever. Lots of history, and all told from the eyes of the players, coaches, opponents, etc.

  2. Hi Tom. I have this book and you’re right, it’s a really good read. I even stole a couple of Fascinating Facts from it!

  3. That blocker Jacques is using looks just like the one I made out of cardboard and stuck to a hockey glove when I was a kid.

    The goalies back in the day were either brave or nuts!

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