Bert Olmstead Hangs Up On Me.

As you read this I’m probably in Calgary now visiting my two kids, getting bounced on by my two granddaughters, and bonding with the Montreal Canadiens 2027 first round draft pick, my new baby grandson, Cameron.

And while I’m here, I’m trying to get up enough guts to phone Bert Olmstead again.

A few years back, I did just this. I knew the old Habs’ great lived in Calgary and I phoned him then. He picked up the phone and I told him I loved the Habs and would he mind just chatting to me about his playing days.

It was like I’d asked him to walk ten miles and lend me some money. He got really gruff, told me to quit bothering him, and hung up on me.

And that ended my 30 second friendship with Bert Olmstead.

But Bert Olmstead was a great player. He originally replaced Toe Blake on the Punch Line, and spent seven solid years with the Habs before heading to the Leafs.

And do I have enough guts to phone him again? Maybe he doesn’t want to be bothered.

6 thoughts on “Bert Olmstead Hangs Up On Me.”

  1. you gotta give him another call. Maybe you caught him in a bad mood that day. Whats the worst that can happen? he might hang up on you again? The man played with the rocket! imagine the storys hes got, thats worth another try at a phone call right there. Good luck

  2. Ask him about his coaching days with the Oakland Seals. That’ll make him warm RIGHT up to you. Especially with the performance of his ex-linemate Billy Harris on that most colourful of teams.

  3. If you contact him, could you tell him about me. I’m his cousin’s brother’s Grandson. I know its a lot of me to ask, but just tell him I exist, and that he is an idol to me. I look up to him in all ways. Please, IF you do contact him, tell me about him, and him about me.

  4. You didn’t catch him at a bad time… thats the way he has always been… as I’m sure you know.

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