Another Blown Lead, Another Loss

We could say New Jersey’s 4th goal, the winner, should never have happened because Erik Cole was held and stripped of the puck, but what the hell. It was just another in a long list of ways the Canadiens have blown leads and blown games.

They do a wonderful impression of Linda Lovelace, however.

Not that the hapless Habs were truly terrible on this night. They had their chances, they outshot the Devils 30-22, and they led 3-1 midway through the second period. Of course, four unanswered goals by New Jersey – one in the second and three more in the third, and Montreal drops like an anvil to an incredibly embarrassing 14th of 15 teams.

To think we used to make fun of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Imagine if this Habs team played the 1975 Red Army squad on New Year’s Eve. No, don’t imagine.

Montreal opened the scoring when a Rene Bourque shot deflected off David Desharnais, and they added their second when Andrei Kostitsyn did a nice little spinerama that Martin Brodeur just couldn’t cover. But dark clouds began to drift in when Carey Price was fooled on a harmless shot that got past his stick side. Price looked disgusted and rightly so. He needed to stop it, we needed him to stop it, and he didn’t.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Price let a shot like this get by him. Remember that beach ball from the circle a couple of months ago?

Montreal regained their two-goal lead when Mathieu Darche converted while shorthanded after Tomas Plekanec burst in on another of his 8000 breakaways, (7,800 of which he didn’t score). And around then it almost seemed to me that this was sort of an improved effort from the Buffalo game two nights ago.

But what was I thinking? There was still a whole period to go, of course. Please refer to Linda Lovelace again.

This has gotten completely out of hand. The trade deadline is February 27th, and those Montreal phones better be burning up the wires. They’ve always been a decent team on paper, but there is serious lack of cohesion and chemistry. These 22 guys aren’t made for each other. They haven’t gelled all year, except for the Desharnais, Pacioretty, Cole trio. It’s a team in turmoil, and I want to wake up some morning in the very near future and hear that changes have begun.

I can’t relate to this team. Scott Gomez doesn’t look right in a Montreal Canadiens jersey, and I felt that way long before he went a year without scoring. (Which, by the way, comes up in a couple of days. The anniversary, not a goal). Thomas Kaberle doesn’t look right in this jersey. Mike Cammalleri didn’t. Others don’t either. It’s a team without magic, without charisma and chemistry, without flow and fire and intensity. They’re not even tough. And their power play……. again, the lovely Ms. Lovelace.

Who are these guys and what have they done with my Montreal Canadiens?

In all the years I’ve been following the team, I’m most disgusted with this edition. It’s a disgrace, the whole situation, and we don’t deserve this.

Random Notes:

Montreal has won 9 of their last 29 games.

Back to Montreal for matinee games Saturday against Washington and Sunday when the Jets come calling. Both are 2 pm ET starts. Of course, if you decide to go to the mall at this time, I don’t blame you.


15 thoughts on “Another Blown Lead, Another Loss”

  1. why are they so bad, I seriously don’t get it. Don’t they ever learn from past mistakes or something?

    I actually haven’t watched a game in its entirety in a long while ’cause it’s starting to feel like a gigantic waste of time especially that I have school and work. Sad to think that one victory has actually become a treat to the fans.

    Oh well, hopefully they can get something going next game.

  2. They’ve just never come together Phil. I don’t know what it is. Maybe they need to be together much longer. Maybe Markov was the absolute key. I have no idea. Hope all’s well with you and keep that school thing going. Some day you’ll be Prime Minister.

  3. Dennis, I have figured out what the problem is and I want to share it with you.

    Habs management forgot to tell us something this summer before the season began at that big golf tournament. What was that thing they forgot to tell us you might ask? Easy:

    We’re not watching a hockey season but a slapstick sitcom about a hockey season! We should have realized it before. That was very silly on our parts.

    Look at the clues:

    Gomez isn’t sent down to Hamilton. The anniversary hijinks now are the “Sweeps Week” of our hockey season. Good thinking on Gauthier’s part.

    Bad trades and signings. Kaberle is a laugh-riot. Thank goodness we have him for two more years of hilarity. He’s the new Kramer!

    Blown leads? All part of the show. Bad penalities? Ditto. And who doesn’t love missed shots? Come on, those are a blast!

    Bad goals? Well, those are always amusing. Thankfully our guys are good at timing so they can happen often. Wouldn’t want to ruin the show now.

    Every week brings new adventures. Who gets injured next? Who screws up on the ice now? The amazing plays on the ice segments followed by 50 minutes of zany comedy.

    Where’s the fun in a winning season with a great team? There’s no entertainment in that. You know that, I know that, and they certainly know that.

    We really should have spotted that. Damn. Our bad. Shame on us.

  4. Hey Dennis, I was wondering,does Gomez mean goaless in Spanish?I was saying to Lynda when the Habs were up 3-1,”it’s about time for the game to turn around” and it did.Maybe the word Hab has taken a new meaning going into the third period,Here’s A Blowout.

  5. Perfect, Darth. A sitcom! of course! Homer Simpson and his friends form a hockey team! Darth, you’re a genius. And all along I thought things weren’t funny. Now that I get it, it’s been a hilarious season!

  6. I don’t know what the groundhog decided today but for me summer’s coming very early this year. We’ll need to play something like .700 to have a shot at the post-season and delaying it. And no matter how pathetic this year is I’ll still continue to make fun of the Toronto Many Laffs. I’ll only stop if they make the Stanley Cup final.

  7. This is one of your strongest-written pieces, maybe the strongest. The flow is strong; smooth, fluid, evocative. And the content ranges and pings different images to create good depth. I like the contrast and humour.

  8. Thank you HDS. Coming from you, it means a lot. You’re a great writer and I appreciate your compliment very much.

  9. Danno, back in the day, Deep Throat was such a story, but I suppose now it’s considered as tame as can be. But Linda made a name for herself, although I read once that she was very sorry she’d ever gone that route.

  10. Leaf Fan, my dream is for our big draft pick to be a French-Canadian who blossoms into a 50 goal scorer.

  11. Chris, maybe you’re right. Making fun of the Laffs is probably in our blood and we have to do it regardless. It’s just so much fun. And besides, there’s still time for them to fall flat on their faces.

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