Another Apology

I need to say this because it’s been bothering me a great deal and the last thing I want is an ulcer.  In the last little while, I’ve noticed, after reading my posts hours after they’ve been published, that I’ve been making the odd grammar mistake, which drives me crazy. I hate this. It makes me cringe.

Lately I’ve been forced to write my posts on a computer at work, which I’m not suppose to do, and I’ve had to hurry things and not proofread afterwards. I just feel I need to rush things when news breaks, like Hartley signing with Calgary, and silly mistakes are being made.

Or maybe my age is catching up with me.

It’s all very embarrassing and I apologize.

11 thoughts on “Another Apology”

  1. Dennis, we ont care if you make mistakes, we make them all the time…especially me. What’s important is that your posts are interesting and funny and that they are!

  2. I blame my computer when typos who up. Maybe Mrs. Hudson was right in 3rd grade, i do need to slow down and proof read my werk…

  3. I was wondering Dennis, who learnt you to spoke any way? I agree with Marjo, its more about the interesting and funny posts. Thanks for the hard work, it keeps us busy at work.

  4. Mike, Mrs. Hudson was right. Teachers were always right. Except for a bunch I had.

  5. Dennis in my experience the best way to find mistakes is to press the save, print, publish, submit or send button.
    Do you use an automatic spell checker in your browser? Those annoying red lines make it easy to find many spelling mistakes. If only it would tell me when I’ve mixed up “it’s” and “its”, that’s the one I regularly screw up even though I know their proper usage. Unfortunately spell checkers have also ruined my spelling ability. For many difficult words I used to be able to spell, now I just get close enough and rely on the checker to suggest the correct spelling.

  6. Chris, my problem isn’t spelling, it’\s the fact that sometimes I’ll move a sentence around a bit and find out later I completely messed things up. I also rush things too. I’m also older than dirt and this is a fine excuse for mistake-making.

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