3 thoughts on “Annakin Slayd Remembers The Expos”

  1. My first NL MLB game was Cubs at Expos September 6 1973.


    First MLB game ever was Yanks vs Tigers in Detroit a few days earlier.


    And caught the Tigers play the Yanks in the Bronx on the last weekend of the 1973 season.

    And caught your beloved Canadiens against the Wings at The Olympia Stadium during 1973-1974 season.I liked the barbed wire bumper to bumper parking lot at The Olympia Stadium.The barn on Grand River.

    And over to Toronto to see the Marlies and Leafs.Up to Montreal to see the Canadiens and Montreal Jrs.The warm up brawl between the Quebec Remparts and the Montreal Jrs.!

    Go! Ms! Go! and of course Go! Kings! Go!

  2. Doug, you’ve done and seen some cool things over the years. Where were you living through all this? I saw an Expos game at Jarry Park with Hank Aaron playing for the Braves, and went to both Yankee Stadium and Shea in NY. When I was living in Ottawa I would often take the family down to Montreal for a Sunday game at the Big O. But I hated the Big O.
    You’re an interesting fellow and would make a great Habs fan.

  3. Those were the Sarnia days.Exactly 1 hour from Cobo Hall(Pistons),The Olympia Stadium and Tiger Stadium.Another hour to Ann Arbor.

    And when back in BC the perfect weekend in Seattle involved UW Football or Basketball,Sonics,Mariners,Seahawks and Thunderbirds.Four games in two days.Heaven!

    Once went to USC(vs Ohio State 12:30 pm start) and UCLA(vs Michigan 5 pm start) in one day.Took a wee bit of planning but never missed a down.Rodney Peete led USC over Ohio State and Jim Harbaugh led Michigan to a 1 point victory over UCLA.Neither game was a sell out.Probably around 80,000 at Coliseum and slightly more at the Rose Bowl.

    Teams followed as a kid … BC Lions and UW Huskies football.

    Go! Kings! Go!

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