Andrei’s Hurt, Sergei’s Feelings Hurt

It’s certainly not good that Andrei Markov will be sidelined for up to four months. Everybody knows he’s a premier defenceman, so me mentioning that it’s not good is a little silly isn’t it?

But it’s not the end of the world. The Canadiens’ blueliners appear to be a solid bunch, with big goal scorer Josh Gorges scaring the bejeesus out of enemy goaltenders; Paul Mara being steady as a rock; Jaroslav Spacek, who will have to do his best Markov impression; Roman Hamrlik – poised to have an important year; Hal Gill – who bumps his head on the sprinker system in the rafters; and Ryan O’Byrne, who, I’m convinced, is about to have a break-out season after an extremely rough two years that included getting busted at a Tampa restaurant for a slightly bad decision, and scoring a beautiful goal into his own net.

I’m expecting a lot from O’Byrne, and I’m almost prepared to make him one of my favourite players. Yes indeed.

Of course we’ll miss Markov and his great mobility, big shot and his power play genius and all that. But he’ll come back, rested and ready to go, just as the crunch begins. Defencemen around the league will be too pooped to pant, in horrible moods, and their wives will be bitchy, all after so many games and so much travel. Meanwhile, Markov will be running and dancing and getting frisky with his woman, and skating like the wind. It’ll be tremendous.

Sergei Kostitysn

Sergei has been convinced by his agent, naturally, that he needs to get the heck out of Montreal and play elsewhere. I agree. The Habs have too many good young forwards like Max Pacioretty, Matt D’Agostini, and Kyle Chipchura to be putting up with this. Sergei’s agent, I’m sure, is concerned his player might not have have a long NHL career, judging by the up and down performance of the last year or so, which means no money for said agent. And bailing out like he has is a little similar to the Mikhail Grabovski situation when he bolted the Canadiens into the arms of his agent, soon to become a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Sergei said he “worked pretty hard”  in pre-season, and can’t understand why he was sent to Hamilton. My feeling is, “worked pretty hard” isn’t nearly good enough. He should have said he worked his ass off, lost 10 pounds on the ice, and tried like he’d never tried before because no raw rookie was going to take his job. But no, he worked “pretty hard.” Sergei, anybody can work “pretty hard.” You’ve got to do way better than that.

And coaches and general managers don’t demote players just for the heck of it. Their jobs are on the line too. They want the best players out there, and from what they saw, Sergei wasn’t one of them. He should just go to Hamilton and play hard. Really hard. Not pretty hard. Didn’t he understand he’s been on the bubble for a year now?

Or go to another team and one of our guys will pound him unmercifully when he plays the Habs.

15 thoughts on “Andrei’s Hurt, Sergei’s Feelings Hurt”

  1. 4 months! that’s going to be tough to endure. But based on the one game, everyone looks ready to step up. I don’t think Gill provided the steady, reliable defence we saw from him in last years playoffs, but I’m confident that was only an aberration.

    How does Sergei think he worked last year? Does he acknowledge how much he sucked? He has to overcompensate to show that last year’s bad habits are long gone and he deserves to wear a Habs sweater.

  2. Time for the remaining defensemen to bring it to another level..

    I really see big things out of Josh Gorges this season.

    Sergei needs to grow up. If he does, he could have a chance to come back.

  3. They’re all going to have to pick it up a notch and from time to time, steal a few games they maybe shouldn’t have won. Markov will come back rested. We also need to keep the drama to a minimum this year and that’s why maybe Sergei can go. But if he grew up, he’d be a valuable member of our team.

  4. Great writing SDK.

    Markov and our Habs’ll be OK.

    Sergei not so muCH. (and his agent, don meehan, is one of the slimiest).

    Go Habs!

  5. I wonder if Jacques Martin is second guessing his career change now, he could have been sitting in his cushy GM job in sunny Florida. This will be a tremendous challenge for him, a chance to show us what he’s got. If this had happened at the beginning of last year, Carbo would have been out of a job by November.

  6. Markov is definately a huge loss. The only positive is that it’s at the beginning of the year… although it’s just still not really positive at all…

    For Sergei.

    The guy just doesn’t understand in my opinion. He’s got a 2 way deal. He’s a young guy “with potential” that the team would love to develop.

    Sergei knows he has talent and potential. But Sergei doesn’t seem to understand that “potential” still means that he’s “done very little” in his NHL career.

    The good thing that could come out of “the Sergei” situation may be that we get rid of a bad seed. Attitude is important on a team.

    I would love to see him smarten up.

  7. Moey, and that’s why we need much less drama this year, so Ser4gei can go away if he doesn’t have his head screwed on right. The less stuff the better.

  8. Exactly, Moeman. Markov and the boys will be fine, Sergei and his agent can go away if they don’t like it. The team wants to win. It’s not about babysitting.

  9. Getting frisky. Now there’s one I haven’t heard in a dawg’s age. You’re a hep cat, Dennis. I’d like to prepare to add a few new players to my “favourite player” list. You’re right, O’Byrne has had it rough. I hope he can bounce back. I’m a bit reminded of Higgins’ injuries coming at the worst times (just when he hit peaks) and I hope this isn’t the same for O’Byrne.

  10. Yves, I think you’re right about the “potential” comment for Sergei. Potential just sits on a couch. You can’t just have it. You have to do something with it. Too many Oakland Raiders over the past several years have been behaving in the same way. Joey Porter comes to mind. And Darrell Russell. And Charles Woodson. Urrgh.

  11. Homme – We don’t need any more Sergei-types. The drama has to end. I just want a quiet, Stanley Cup-winning team. Is that too much to ask?

  12. No it ain’t too much to expect a “quiet” Cup win. Love the sentiment, Dennis.

    Last I looked they give it out (Cup, not sentiment) every season. Time for our team to get in on one. Quiet, loud, whatever.

    The trouble with some of these great athletes is that if you’re the coaching staff that turns him around, you really have an advantage. And you don’t want to be the club that let the good one go.

    That’s why the Raiders used to take all those chances. And it has paid off over the decades. But the flip side of that is that coaches have to spend a lot of time baby-sitting, in essence. Maybe that’s not a very polite way to put it.

    Gainey is patient but he’s shown that he has a line. And it’s pretty consistent. Based on similar situations, I’d say Sergei is at “last chance” stage with Bob Gainey. And his skill level is not worth as many lives as, say, Alex Kovalev. So it’s probably, see ya, Sergei.

    On the flip side, the brother piece is an additional delicate factor. So maybe SK will get the Kovalev patience. I really don’t know if this guy will wake up though. We need a Russian assistant coach or something. Some angle to keep the communication from management and Russian player positive. Just a thought.

  13. You know, that’s a good point. How will brother Andrei deal with all this? Will he play as good? Will he play better? The brother problem better not effect him. Not for the money he’s being paid.

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