9 thoughts on “Andrei Markov – Proud New Canadian”

  1. Dennis, I think Andrei Markov just went up a few notches with all the Habs fans if that was even possible.
    A veteran Canadien is now a new Canadian!

  2. Danno, he’s sure gone up notches with me. And my wife has the same piece of paper as the one he’s holding.

  3. I’m not impressed after watching him answer questions in the videos. I can accept him not wanting to ever play for Canada or not planning on learning French. I can even understand that he only passed a simplified test. My major complaint is that he couldn’t even answer that he would prefer to live in Canada after he retires. I’m worried that he only became a citizen because he could after 10 years here and it’s only for convenience and and insurance. I’m doubly worried that he became a citizen now because he plans on leaving at the end of the year and it would be more difficult to become Canadian while playing for a US team.

    In good news, Martin committed that a captain would be named before the season starts. Gionta, Gorges and Markov were named as the candidates. I like Cammalleri, but Gorges and Gionta would be my next choices.

  4. I like that Markov went to the effort to become a Canadian (as well as a Canadien), but the truth is it’s got to be a lot less hassle both in terms of taxes, and in getting him and his family in and out of the country during the season. I understand the related paperwork between the Russian and Canadian governments is somewhat of a nightmare. So good on him, and it makes for great PR, but after his career is done, I suspect he’ll return to his motherland. Call me jaded and suspicious.

    As for the captaincy issue – didn’t JM promise a captain last year too? Didn’t happen. I’m all about Gio as the captain, but really if it’s any of the 4 G’s or Cammy, I’d be okay with it regardless.

  5. Christopher, I’m a little sceptical now too. It was such a feel good story until the interview came out.

  6. Tyg, I was so proud of him but you’re right, it could be all about red tape and such. I was really hoping he’s fallen in love with Canada – as simple as that. But maybe not. And we need a captain so bad. Who’s going to hoist the Cup next spring if we don’t? The stick boy?

  7. Dennis, I was a bit surprised a disappointed too in Markov’s answers. It may very well come down to being more a matter of convenience than love. In that case, I don’t know why he decided to take questions. But at least he didn’t B.S. when he answered the reporters.

  8. Danno, he shouldn’t have done the interview. Even my wife says so. It’s really too bad. For several days he was a big hero for Canadians.

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