Andrei Kostitsyn Will Stay, A Scary Habs Story, And A New Site That Looks Like The Old One (Almost)

Several things to talk about on this sunny west coast day. And don’t worry, It won’t take long. I know you have a lawn to cut.

(Please note – I’m on a new site now, so please add this new address to your favourites. More about his down below. Thanks.)

Reports say that Andrei Kostitsyn has said his plans are to stay with the Montreal Canadiens and not accept any offers from certain Russian teams with fat wallets. He likes Montreal, he likes the team, and he likes playing with his brother Sergei. Andrei was a free agent and could’ve bolted on us, but isn’t going to now. He’s a star in the making, and we need him for the Quest for the Cup next year. So hip hip hooray to Andrei Kostitsyn!

We like Andrei. He’s a good Hab.

Now a shocker of a tidbit. Are you ready for this?

Sometime around 1950, the Habs were returning from Toronto by train when their car suddenly derailed while crossing a bridge over ice waters of the Ottawa River. Had the car been flung to the right instead of to the left, which threw several players from their berths, the entire team would have plunged into the river.

I didn’t know this before but have just read it in a Terry Sawchuck biography. Imagine. We could’ve lost the entire Montreal Canadiens in one fell swoop. This is all quite unnerving.

Now, the news I’ve been waiting to tell you. You might see a few changes in the look of this blog. With the help of computer whiz Robin Murray, my old site was transferred lock, stock, and barrel over to a new one (although it looks the same) and I have a new domain address. It’s

You have been automatically switched over to the new one through the wonders of technology, and this will always happen but you might, at some point, want to remember the new address,

I moved it to this new one so I can have more freedom. I’ve included tasteful ads, and a world map showing where people live who have gone on my site. There’s CBC daily sports news updates, a whole bunch of Habs videos you can watch, and other cool things.

This blog is very important to me and I want it to grow, and it is. It was stressful doing these changes because I basically didn’t have a clue, but Robin took on the challenge, and with great patience and know how, came through for me. He never got angry at me with all my questions and obvious stress showing all over my face and voice, and he just carried on with a smile, tweaking and suggesting, and getting it done.

I grew up with typewriters, and so Robin became more important than you can imagine. If you have any questions for this great guru, he’s at He’s a friendly sort.

6 thoughts on “Andrei Kostitsyn Will Stay, A Scary Habs Story, And A New Site That Looks Like The Old One (Almost)”

  1. DK,

    So, U dressed ur site up but it seems that somethings have been lost in the transformation …. commnets re China …???

  2. No. During the transformation, some of the previous comments from the past week somehow didn’t make it. I have no idea why. But at least I know, from your comment, Habinator, that’s everything’s working right now.

  3. Hi Dennis posting this just after emailing you. Went to google search for Dennis Kane clicked on your site & reinstalled in my favourites folder.Will try going to the site & see if it comes up out of my fav’s.By the way new look & extra info is GREAT !!
    Les Canadiens Toujours

  4. Hey Dennis,

    Good luck with your new site and I hope everyone enjoys it. If anyone has any suggestions for additions just let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

    If anyone is having trouble seeing a few of the things in the sidebar it just might be that they need to update their Adobe Flash Player which is easy. Just in case anyone asks.


  5. That Ottawa River accident would have been the equivalent of the plane crash that killed the Busby Babes of Manchester United in 1958. It set their team back decades, and I’m sure it would have done the same to the Habs. Just thought that might interest you.

    Like the tasteful ads – all companies to do with Dennis…

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