Andrei Kostitsyn Stays Put

Andrei Kostitsyn has signed a one-year deal with the Canadiens apparently worth $3.25 million, the same amount as last year, and for money like that, we expect him to step up his game and help his team go that extra mile. At least I do.

I’m impatient that way. We need this guy to come to the rescue more often with those big goals we’ve seen from time to time, and some are beauties. He had 20 goals and 25 assists last year, which isn’t horrendous, but he teases us with glimpses of what he really could be – a true sniper. It’s eluded him because sometimes he looks like he’d rather be someplace else.

If he would have put up a few more numbers against Boston in the opening round for example, (two goals, no assists) it might be the Habs taking it to the Canucks right now.

Montreal definitely can’t afford to have a guy like Kostitsyn taking nights off. He’s supposed to be one of our top forwards.

So c’mon Andrei. Earn that nice, new contract. How about 30 goals?

One thought on “Andrei Kostitsyn Stays Put”

  1. That’s a lot of money for some one whose progress has stalled. He also randomly uses his size and muscle and hits. Kostitsyn had better pick up the pace this upcoming year. Or just give us more of the good days.
    Gauthier has been busy, he must be ignoring the Stanley Cup play-offs. What’s he going to next month? Today it’s Darche with the extension and pay raise. He earned it with his good hard work last year.

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