And Things Were Going So Well Too

In the beginning it looked so fine. The Canadiens were outshooting Ottawa and outscoring them 2-0. Jaroslav Halak was once again solid in goal. The Habs new line of Scott Gomez, Benoit Pouliot, and the welcomed sight of returning warrior Brian Gionta, showed some nice, natural chemistry and the three caused havoc in the Senators end.

But like complete party poopers, Ottawa scored to narrow the Habs lead to 2-1 and in the second the home team scored again. And then, like a bunch of drunken slobs raiding a church picnic, the bad guys scored two more in the third, won the game, ended Jaroslav Halak’s fairy tale run, and also gave a flat tire to the Habs four-game winning streak.

Even Alex Kovalev decided to tighten his skate laces and play hard for Ottawa. And in the third, Ottawa looked like a great defensive squad. Such a mean-spirited bunch in the Nation’s Capital.

I’m just thankful they didn’t decide to torch the Canadiens equipment van.

It’s all very sad.

Random Notes:

Although Halak played well, is it safe to assume we’ll see Carey Price finally back between the pipes?

Montreal, although losing, did experience a momentous occasion – they outshot the other team. Habs had 31, Sens, 28.

Benoit Pouliot played well and scored his first goal for the Habs. We’re expecting hundreds more over a long career in Montreal, Benoit.

Wednesday in Tampa Bay, which is sort of not far from Orlando, which is near Tiger Woods’ house. I’m sure there’s a joke in there some place but I’m tired and can’t think of one.

18 thoughts on “And Things Were Going So Well Too”

  1. Wow, there actually is logic into winning by letting the other team outshoot you.
    The world works in mysterious ways.

    Tampa is gonna cheat their way through the game.
    Speaking of Tiger Woods, he spent his Christmas with the he cheated with
    He doesn’t even care about his image anymore.

  2. Montreal outshot Ottawa 31-28.
    The Canadiens were handed five penalties, while the Senators received a pass from the referees all night. The Sens were little angels and did nothing wrong.
    Three stars of the game – Pascal Leclair, Kerry Fraser, Bill McCreary.

  3. I think that pretty well sums it up, Danno. And nice to see Gionta back. Now only Hamrlik and Mara to come.

  4. Agree that the reffing was unbalanced (not that it should be but whining to the league seemed to have worked for Murray+Clouston). Simply put the Habs did not get the breaks last night. Too many missed CHances and too many defensive mistakes. I’d also like to know WTF is wrong with Lapierre? Does he miss his ‘bon CHum’ that much?

  5. Dennis, it was bound to happen. Face it, Halak stole that game in Toronto so we had it coming to us. In spite of the loss, the team is showing promise. On to Florida.

  6. Hey Dennis–Happy New Year and all that. seems to me that my team is most productive lately, what with hat tricks, more than 1 win in a row, actually 6 of 8 wins in this last home stand. You should tune in tonight as we head off to Phoenix. Go Canucks.

  7. Danno, they are showing promise. Their power play is great, penalty killing too. It’s going to be a good second half. Pretty sure about that.

  8. Moeman, I’d like to know what’s wrong with Lapierre too. He was okay last year. Now he’s not, Maybe he’s in love.

  9. Meh, maybe he’ll find a replacement for Latendresse, maybe his new boyfriend will be Benoit Pouliot.

    It’s really sad how bad he’s slumping. He played amazing last year, and now he’s invisible.

  10. thanks Beatnik…….DK—OUCH!! BTW, Dennis we managed to pull 1 pt out of Phoenix last night…how about you??

  11. Jan, we’re probably going to win most of the games from here on in. The Canadiens are going to amaze you.

  12. Chris, I’ll have to look it up. Have the Canucks ever been in the playoffs? And is this the Whitehorse Canucks or the Temiskaming Canucks. I always get confused.

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