And The Winners Are………

Gaston has once again picked out of the fedora three winners of the Reebok gift packs, and they are; Mugsy (Teeth) O’Clanahan, c/o San Quentin Penitentiary; Dick (Diamond) Slaughter, c/o Sing Sing Penitentiary; and Ralph (Smiley) Shiv, c/o Leavenworth Penitentiary. Congratulations to Mugsy, Dick, and Ralph.

Not really.

The REAL winners are: Robin, Doug, and Danno.

Way to go, guys. Just email me at with an address to send your stuff and we’ll get on that right away.

Thanks to Scotia Hockey Club for providing these gifts as part of their See Stanley With Lanny promotion. Whoever wins the big prize of four people going to the Finals game with Lanny McDonald is lucky indeed.

Here’s the haul for our three winners;


One thought on “And The Winners Are………”

  1. Conrgats guys and if any of you win the big prize, give Lanny shit for winning the Cup in 89. Make him apologize for it. 🙂

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