And The Survey Says……Habs

A recent poll conducted by the Ipso-Reid research company has found that one-third of the 1015 people surveyed say the Montreal Canadiens are Canada’s Team. I thought that was already decided. Taken for granted. A no-brainer.

But it’s only a third of the people. And if you’re wondering about the Toronto Maple Leafs, wonder no more. They garnered 25 percent of 1015. That means 253 people, a lot of people, think The Leafs, who haven’t won anything in 42 years, should be called Canada’s Team.

I’m thinking Ipso-Reid did part of their survey in a couple of retirement homes. They spoke to old fellows in wheelchairs with blankets over their legs, and the old guys, God bless ’em, talked about the days of Charlie Conacher, Busher Jackson, Syl Apps, Hap Day, and Turk Broda, and they wept and blurted out as the nurses came running that the Leafs are Canada’s Team.

Then I think the Ipso-Reid bunch went to a Jefferson Airplane reunion concert, and between tokes, the now-aging baby boomers said the 1967 Stanley Cup was like, totally far out, and yes, the Leafs are Canada’s team.

Either that or the other thing. Of course anyone who happens to be a Leafs fan isn’t going to suggest that the Montreal Canadiens, the team they wish would get run over by a bus, should be Canada’s team. You’re a pretty bad fan if you’d do this. Imagine a good Habs fan talking to the guy from Ipso-Reid and saying,”Yes, I feel the Toronto Maple Leafs are Canada’s team.”

Ain’t gonna happen. It goes against nature, like Bob Probert trying to figure skate. 

Ipso-Reid didn’t stop there, although that’s the big one. They also found out that 62% of Quebecers feel Maurice Richard is the greatest Hab ever, while only 44% of Ontarians thought that to be the case. People in Ontario prefer Jean Beliveau for “the best” label.

I think it’s the Rocket, but I know lots of folk who say Beliveau. Either way, you can’t go wrong. I’m just glad neither of them ever became a Leaf.


9 thoughts on “And The Survey Says……Habs”

  1. Its kind of hard to call a team whos city, province and people want to seperate from the country, canadas team. Alot French-Canadians dont even deserve to be called have “Canadian” attached to them. They sure as hell would rather be “french” than Canadian and have nothing to do with this great country.

    Luckily, 51% of quebec did want to be part of canada, its the other 49% of quebecs population that ensure that the habs can never be canadas team, regardless of how many great teams they had.

    The Maple Leafs, will always be Canadas team.

  2. I just can’t wrap my mind around the Leafs being Canada’s Team. I can’t find a reason why they would be. I’m sure you’d get a big time argument from the people in the west.

  3. Ipso-Reid certainly didn’t phone me………and the song recorded for “Canada’s Team”… worse than the actual Make Beliefs!! It’s bad.

  4. Leafs aren’t even close to being considered. They haven’t done enough for the game, they’re up and down, nothing dominant. The habs are storied. Legendary. Leafs aren’t close.

  5. Matt, it’s good that you’re not disputing Ipso-Reid’s results on hockey grounds. Before discussing complicated political and social issues start off with something simpler like spelling.

  6. Hey Im sure I rubbed alot of you guys the wrong way, and Im sorry if I just sound like a troll but I just can’t accept a team from a province that wanted out of the country to be called “Canadas Team”.

    I know I stated that “The Maple Leafs will always be Canadas team” but I want to take that back. I dont think we can call any team “Canadas Team” anymore. There are enough hardcore fans for each canadian team across the country that no one team can claim to represent the nation as a whole. That is what the national team is for. Most of the NHL teams are made up of a mix of euros, americans and canadians anyways.

    I also want to mention that a survey of under 1100 people isnt nearly large enough of a sample size for this to hold legitimate weight anyways. And really, who cares. Everyone knows that the habs have a very successful history and that the leafs havent won a cup in a long time. This isnt new information.

    Also, Dennis, the reason some would consider the Leafs to be Canadas team is because back in the original 6 days, the entire country watched the Leafs play, while only quebec watched the Habs. When you have everyone from BC right through to Newfoundland watching the Leafs, except for Quebec, that would make them the national team at the time. The other 4 clubs were american, so either you cheered for the Leafs, or you were french canadian and cheered for the habs. Obviously, as the years went on and teams started sprouting up across the country and the leafs continued to wallow, that sort of following has dipped a little. But just a little, the Leafs still have the largest fan base.

    Good game last night though 🙂

  7. No problem Matt. You’re obviously a die hard fan and good on you. Even if the leafs were canada’s team I would be on-line bashing your comments. lol. I hope you guys make the playoffs because that makes the rivalry better. I hate losing to you guys though. I also don’t want to see Boston take the #1 overall and it looks like Kessel will have the last say in that regard. Hope the Monster is ok.

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