And The Siren Sounds

The Canadiens fell 4-3 in overtime in game seven of a hard-fought series, and sadly, like saying goodbye to an old friend, it’s the last we’ll see of the team until fall when they do it all again. And I must tell you, as an impatient Habs fan, I’m getting sick of talking about their final game every year when there’s no Stanley Cup in the sentence.

I’m proud of them though. They took the Bruins to overtime in game seven even though they weren’t given much of a chance by almost everyone except Habs fans. They were written off early in the year when Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges suffered season-ending injuries. They were chastized for not scoring enough. The defence was considered too slow. But they remained a good team anyway.

Unfortunately, too many times throughout the season and in this playoff round, far too many players were on some kind extended coffee break which even Sigmund Freud would have trouble explaining. And in the end, when Montreal needed firepower from all gunners, it wasn’t there again.

But tonight isn’t a night to get into that for me. I just don’t feel like it. I’m going to watch ‘Shameless’ instead.

The boys came within a whisker of taking out the Bruins and moving on. Montreal was a team which was vastly underrated, and they showed everyone that even though they were smallish with no serious point-getters, they had success because of their speed and quick transition. But for Montreal to be a Cup-contender, they need all players playing well at the same time, which didn’t happen, and if I’m going to whine, I’ll whine about this.

Montreal fought hard in this final game, with Yannick Weber scoring on the power play in the first frame to close the gap at 2-1, and they tied it in the second when Tomas Plekanec burst in on a short-handed breakaway. It was tense throughout, it goes without saying, and the trophy for guts must go to Jeff Halpern for first creating dangerous chances including a breakaway he couldn’t finish. The warrior was also taken hard into the stanchion slightly reminiscent of the Max Pacioretty incident and took an Andrew Ference shoulder pad to the head that should have been called but wasn’t

All in all, Halpern in my book  played a fine game. He might not remember his name but he played a fine game.

As one might expect in a Habs-Bruins seven battle, the drama carried on to the wire. With  just over two minutes left, Patrice Bergeron took a penalty and PK Subban blasted a rocket past Tim Thomas to send the game into overtime. There was hope. The Canadiens could get this done. 

Then, in overtime, it was like a stun gun. The game was over. The Canadiens were done. The teams shook hands and skated off. I hate this feeling.

I’m not going to watch one single Bruins game from here on in. I’ve seen enough of them for one year.

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  1. Au revoir, bleu, blanc et rouge. It was a hard fought series and the Canadiens impressed me with their overall team speed and puck movement. I also think that Price edged out Thomas a bit in goal, although it was close. In the end, the best team won.

    Go Bruins!!

  2. the team played well in the last 7 games and i’m proud of them………………….since when did the bruins become canada’s fuking team. listening to HNIC and the losers they have recruited u would think they were the second coming of the leafs…………………. oh?,,,, did i hear cherry sing the praises of pk insinuating he knew he was great way back or can i blame that on another visit to pablo’s lab?

    congrats boys

  3. Didn’t hurt as much as I thought. Sad though to say the least. Proud of da boys. They played their hearts out. Like I said, it will be interesting next year because there will be an overhaul. PK was amazing. The only weakness was the D and it cost us in the end. Next season will be amazing. And it was Weber who got the first Dennis, not Cammy. Man, we came close. I won’t be watching much hockey, maybe a canuck game now and then.

  4. Thanks, Mayo. the Weber thing’s corrected. Just wasn’t thinking. Need more from many of the guys.

  5. I just can’t believe it, that result was the last thing I expected. Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying, we’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

    The only upside now is that I can start to relax and think about summer, hopefully it will arrive soon.

    As you responded yesterday to Mayo, watching the Canadiens in the play-offs is the most stressful thing I can do. Here is what my heart was doing throughout the game.

  6. the Habs’ summer vacation is going to be longer than Brad Marchand’ s nose.

    good effort Habs from a

    Cape Cod MA hockey fan

  7. Very tough to take Dennis.

    They lost one game in seven in regulation. One OT goal would have done it. There was just that tiny bit of something missing.

    I suppose part of that was not enough scoring at even strength. The special teams scored goals and killed penalties (every penalty – is that a record?) and the theory goes that when you do that you win play-offs. But that assumes you score a few 5 on 5 as well.

    But maybe the need to defend deep blunts your offense. I don’t know.

    A great effort though, they dug deeper than the Taliban in an Afghan jail and when PK scored to tie it up I allowed myself to think they might just get that OT goal.

    In the end, looking back, it was the early part of game 3 where they took their foot off the Bruin’s neck and Game 4 where they gave up a 2 goal lead would be the moments we’d all want back again.

    If it was anyone else you could take it on the chin, but after all that’s gone before, for it to be the Bruins is tough to take.

    Still the Habs have proved that all that Beatdown and 7-0 nonsense was meaningless. Given the injuries, they’re perhaps a bit better than the pundits thought they were and the Bruins a little more limited than was generally assumed. Though that said, maybe playing someone with less history involved might see them play with more freedom. Though I find it hard to care.

    Anyone for tennis?

  8. Good Morning from the Valley

    Actually, the sun didn’t come up this morning. We’re having fine, rainy BC weather that would make a BCer proud.

    All I have to say is just Wait Until Next Year.

    Other than that, thanks and carry on.


  9. I love our boys and will miss watching them. IMO, we played a better series where game 4 should have been ours.

    As my kids say, the Bruins are cheap. As I say, their players are immature cretins. Where there’s an action, there’s a reaction. The reaction may not have been in this series, I predict it will be with the Flyers where goons meet goons.

    Still, the Habs are a CLASS act – always have been, always will be. And I’m proud to cheer for a team who’s city is the Mecca of hockey.

    Go Habs Go

    À la prochaine les gars!

  10. Oh boy, the Flyers against the Bruins.

    To quote Oscar Wild on fox hunting, “the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible”.

  11. Hi Dennis:

    I’ll miss watching Price, Gionta and Subban.

    I think some really strong DK beer is in order.

  12. It will be interesting to watch Pierre Gauthier make some moves this summer and next year. He almost has a clean slate with the only black mark being the Gomez contract. I cannot see AK46, Pouliot, Hamrlik, Soppel, Gill or Mara being resigned. I like Gill though not at $2.25M. Would be nice to see Auld back. Halpern and Darche will be more expensive. Thinking about this stuff will make the off-season shorter. Work your magic PG and next spring will be more exciting than the last two years combined.

  13. Thanks, Tim Tyler,
    I wish I would’ve thought of the Marchand line. And thanks for “good effort Habs” part.

  14. Mayo, What about Markov and Wiz? Would you re-sign them? I would. Although of course there’s question about Markov’s injury problems. And Wiz slowed down near the end. But I like them both and I believe overall the Canadiens will be a force to be reckoned with.

  15. Marjo, the Habs have such an excellent fan in you. You’re what it’s all about. I hope so much that you come back here now that it’s over.

  16. Blue Bayou, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. They had trouble scoring at even strength. We just didn’t get everyone on board at the same time. If only Kostitsyn, Pouliot, and Gomez etc.could have put regular points on the board we’d be talking about the next round and not tennis, or cricket, or hurling, or tiddley winks. Too many didn’t show up when needed and I grind my teeth thinking of what could have been.

  17. Christopher, I sympathize with Homer. The old ticker took a beating. I hate the day after the night before.

  18. Skeeter, thanks for this. Montreal needed everyone going and didn’t get it. Kudos for the Bruins for coming back from a two game deficit and getting it done. I just don’t know what to think about Marchand.

  19. Dennis, it was quite a series and the Habs have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sure the Bruins got the fright of their lives last night and they just barely dodged a bullet.

    But there’s one thing that I haven’t heard anyone talk about. Maybe we’re all trying hard to be stoic in defeat, but I think deep down it’s what bugging all of us. It’s the fact that we would have been pretty well guaranteed to win this series if we had the services of a power forward.

    But we don’t really have that missing power forward because he was taken away from us last March when Zdeno Chara slammed Max Pacioretty into the stanchion and put him out of action by giving him a concussion and a fractured vertebra.

    There were three games in this series that went into overtime and Boston won every one of those games. There’s no way we would have lost all those games if we still had Pacioretty. In all likelihood we would have won at least one or maybe two of those games in regulation time if we still had Max with us.

    If it wasn’t for that vicious hit by Chara I’m postive we would be advancing to round two to play the Washington Capitals.

    This is what really hurts, to me anyways. The Bruins basically robbed us of this series by viciously gooning our players and not being punished for it. And they continued to play that style of hockey because they know they will get away with it.

    The NHL is destroying hockey and turning it into a human demolition derby where the last man standing on the ice wins the prize. Hockey is a physical game yes, but it should not be life-threatening. It’s at its best when it is a competition of speed and skill not thuggery.

    But the NHL’s bigwigs have a different idea. Bettman and co. have given the green light for more pools of blood on ice. Why? Because they feel it will translate into more money in the owners’ pockets by attracting the same crowd that goes to NASCAR races just to watch the crashes.

    And maybe they’re right, but this isn’t hockey anymore.

    Last night’s game was an honourable loss for the Habs who showed character and courage by coming back from what seemed to be a hopeless situation. The Bruins won of course. But how they won just doesn’t seem to matter to that team or the league.

    It took a lot of class for all of the players on the Montreal Canadiens to line up and shake hands with Zdeno Chara, Andrew Ference, Milan Lucic and others last night.

    We know who the bigger team is now.

  20. Danno, you’re right. With Max in the lineup, and he wasn’t because he was mauled, our team would have faired better. We were robbed of a series win. Our guys shook hands and are classy losers, but Thomas is a non-classy winner after reading his comments about PK. I can’t watch the Bruins. I don’t like them, never have, and I can’t stand to see Thomas smile behind his cage and Marchand being a rat. Lucic, after Max went down in that nightmarish game when we lost him, came out in the third period and tried to start a fight. What is that? Talk about poor-timing, and it just goes to show what Boston is made up of. I won’t be watching them and if any of them get hurt, I don’t want to hear whining from them. We’ll be even better next year. Now it’s time to think about who to sign – Markov? Wiz? Hammer? Darche? Gill? Auld? It’s not going to be easy decisions.

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