And The Parade Winds Its Way Down………

The Bell Centre in Montreal sits at the corner of Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal and Rue de la Gauchetiere, with Rue de la Gauchetiere being the main artery.

That’s all fine and dandy, except if you’re describing a big game, like “Miracle on de la Gauchetiere”, or a Stanley Cup parade – “The parade winds its way down de la Gauchetiere.”

Whew. It’s too much of a mouthful.

So I say to Montreal politicians – why don’t you just do the right thing and change the name – to Boulevard Jean Beliveau (Jean Beliveau Boulevard). Then the Bell Centre would sit on the corner of Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal and Boulevard Jean Beliveau. How nice is that?

“The parade winds its way down Jean Beliveau.”

Wikipedia says Rue de la Gauchetiere was named for a landowner named Joseph-Daniel Migeon – Sieur (sire) of de la Gauchetiere, way back in the 1600’s, I think before even Don Cherry and Bob Cole were born.  He never scored one goal for the Habs, or helped young players, or brought the city a Stanley Cup, or signed autographs until his hand hurt. 

But Jean Beliveau did all that and so much more. And for all that Beliveau has done for Montreal and hockey and adding class and respect and pride to the city, he should be recognized with a street that runs past the rink.

I think it’s only right.

12 thoughts on “And The Parade Winds Its Way Down………”

  1. I’m with you on this. It’s a pretty cool thing to have a street named after youself, not that I would know! In Winnipeg they named a street after Blue Bomber great Milt Stegal. Do it now while he’s still alive.

  2. Great idea, but I think they should rename the Bell Center to the Beliveau Center. Bell would still be there but with just a few more letters behind it!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  3. That is a classy suggestion Dennis. It makes perfect sense too and hopefully someone with the power to do these types of things will do whatever it takes to make the change. I think they should have a Boulevard Dennis Kane nearby as well :o)
    Maybe you can start an on-line petition?

  4. Boulevard Dennis Kane – a dead-end street, full pf pot-holes and always under construction.

  5. Where is Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal? Although shows its address as 1909, avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal, its map points to 1260 Rue de la Gauchetière Ouest.

    But I think you’ve got a great idea and it wouldn’t be that hard to change. The whole street doesn’t have to be renamed, just the block in front of the Bell Centre. Rue de la Gauchetière ends at Rue de la Montagne and at Rue Peel it makes a jog where a name change would make a lot of sense. Rue Stanley would then end at Boulevard Jean Beliveau. How perfect is that?

    And Boulevard Dennis Kane being full of pot-holes, would fit in perfectly in Montreal.

  6. Oops, perfection has even improved. Rue Stanley would start at Boulevard Jean Beliveau.

  7. Christopher, before I wrote this post I phoned the Bell Centre just to be sure about streets because I also saw St. Antoine was included. But St. Antoine is slightly elsewhere and where the ticket booth apparently is. An adjacent street to the Bell was changed a while back to Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal, so it’s just a short section of street by the building. But it’s there, I saw it online, and the guy who answered the phone told me so also.

  8. As far as I’ve noticed, de la Gauchetiere is now avenue des Canadiens de Montreal for the entire length of the (large) block that covers the Bell Centre and the train station next to it. I think it’s mostly a ceremonial thing – there are two street signs on each post. They left the old “de la Gauchetiere” signs up but they’re crossed out. I’m not quite sure why.
    The change doesn’t show up on Google Maps just yet, but there’s also a listing for a restaurant near the Bell Centre, Brasserie Brunoise, which closed a while ago and they haven’t taken it down yet. Shame on you, Google!

    Still, the city took the trouble to change one street name – all the fans, scalpers, and TV cameras are on avenue des Canadiens, sure, but the players and journalists – and Jean Beliveau himself – come in through an entrance on St-Antoine. I’d say that’s a street that’s ripe for the re-naming, although it’s nowhere near as scenic as the north side of the Bell Centre.

  9. Thanks, Rookie. Even when the guy explained it to me on the phone I was confused. Anyway, Boulevard Jean Beliveau seems the right fit to me. Thanks again. And thanks for continuing to read after the Habs are on the golf course. And keep up the great work on your own site. PS. I moved away from the east before the Bell Centre was built so I’ve never seen it. But plan on within the next year to be there and can’t wait.

  10. De la Gauchetiere is not a very parade friendly street anyway. The parade in 1993 started from the Molson brewery and then went along Sherbrooke for a great length to allow more space for spectators. The Alouettes and the Olympians, as well as the Habs of old always used Ste Catherine. Just better roads for crowds, with parks and open spaces along their length.

    I think it’s nice the way they’ve chosen to honour the Canadiens teams with a street name. I’d single out Beliveau if I had the call too, but it leaves me thinking about Morenz, Lalonde, Richard, Harvey, vezina, Hainsworth, Lafleur, Dryden, Durnan, Moore, etc., etc. With Ave Canadiens de Montreal, all who wore the sweater with pride can share the honour.

    It might interest you to know there’s a whole subdivision in Vaudreuil named for Canadiens players, they have Morenz, Joliat, Lach, Richard, Selke, Beliveau, Plante and others commemorated with street names.

  11. Thanks for that, Topham. I have no idea. The Bell Centre wasn’t built the last time I was in Montreal, and you’re right, there must be room for crowds. I also didn’t know about the subdivision in Vaudreuil. which is a really nice touch to be sure. Oh well, it was just a thought. And I wanted something nice for Beliveau. But thanks again, hope all’s well.

  12. Hi again, Topham. To answer the part where you ask why I’d single out Beliveau, it’s because he’s the greatest ambassador the team has ever had, he’s still with us, and for all he’s given us, this is giving back.

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