And The Oscar Goes To…………

With apologies to all the husbands of the world, but I’m the best one, as witnessed by my winning of this lovely Oscar.

And why am I the best husband? Because I take my wife to Hollywood, wine and dine her, open doors for her, show her the sights and sounds, and take her to places where murders and drug overdoses happened.

I’m the best husband because my wife Luciena today got close to the big Hollywood sign, saw John Travolta’s star on Hollywood Boulevard, went into the Kodak Theatre where the Academy Awards are held, and I bought her some nice chicken and rice in an outdoor cafe on Sunset Strip as convertibles rolled by.

I’m sorry husbands, but you need to pick it up a notch with your wives, otherwise I’m going to just keep winning Oscars.

This is Luciena, looking at her Oscar-winning husband. You other husbands are really going to have to shape up.
Luciena with John Travolta. "Yes, he's rich, handsome, and a great dancer," she said,"but don't forget, you won an Oscar for Best Husband."

The evening on the Sunset Strip was capped by enjoying a bunch of bands at the Viper Room, a rock club once co-owned by Johnny Depp and which was also the scene of a fatal drug overdose by actor River Phoenix.

I'm sure if Humphrey Bogart was still alive, wife Lauren Bacall would tell him that he needs to be a better husband like me.

Below, a drink menu I swiped at the Viper Room. I don’t understand it. We got in free and the price of beer was normal. But have a look at their prices for bottles of liquor:

10 thoughts on “And The Oscar Goes To…………”

  1. Congratulations Dennis. That’s quite an honour winning the best husband category.
    And now that you’ve won the Oscar, your handprints and footprints will soon be immortalised too.
    Looking at the picture above, I started wondering who Sid was. Bogey wasn’t talking about Sid Vicious. He was talking about Sid Grauman, the original owner of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The Sex Pistols weren’t around in Bogey’s day.
    Have fun Dennis and give Lucienna a big hug for me.
    Doesn’t she deserve an Oscar too?

  2. Hey Dennis, Well to be honest with you you should get an Oscar for the best imagination anyways.Glad to see you are having a great time with your loved one.We will coming your way around the 27th of tis month,will be looking for you at the ticket booth.

  3. Danno, of course Luciena doesn’t deserve an Oscar. It’s just too easy living with me. And my all-time favourite movie? Casablanca. Oh, and one last thing, yes indeed, she deserves an Oscar. She’s the kindest person I’ve ever known. And to quote Kristofferson, “Loving her was easier than anything I’ll ever do again.”

  4. We can only stand back in awe………

    (I must say your wife appears remarkably unaffected by the years of patient suffering that would have wreaked havoc on a lesser woman.)

    On a darker note, this is possibly not the place to share such matters, but all my life I’ve struggled with the unpalatable truth that being born two days after both Jesus of Nazareth and Humphrey Bogart has obviously robbed me of the chance to significantly alter the course of human history, enjoy conspicuous success with beautiful (or indeed any) women or perhaps both.

    Strangely as those who saw me in 1977 (at the age of 17) play the leading role in Brecht’s “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” will attest, fine acting ability and mesmerising public performance were strangely unaffected by that 2 day gap.

    (Though it should be noted that the feeding of the crowd was taken care of by the school catering facility)

  5. Blue Bayou, if you would have called me in 1977 and told me of your acting job, I would have coonected you with Spielberg and you’d be here now, a rich and spoiled bastard, and I’d be buying your autograph on eBay. But you didn’t call me.

  6. Dennis, there’s an old saying in Hollywood.
    Don’t call us. We’ll call you.
    Maybe Blue Bayou’s just patiently waiting for that call…

  7. Dennis and Luciena – You make a fine couple! Nice to see she appreciates you Dennis, as do all your loyal readers, too. Now, keep buying you sweet wife beer, meals and romantic walks at sunset.

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