And The Habs Goalie Is…….

Is this Carey Price? What do you think?

From Les Canadiens magazine:

What made the season even more remarkable is that he had to overcome all forms of adversity simply to remain with the team, and as much as his employers insist he was their only choice to start the playoffs, there were occasions in the season – early and late – when there were small signs that he didn’t have the full confidence of people around him.

For good reason, too.

The kid doesn’t play well on some nights, and the sneak, little whispers start. There must have been nights when he heard them or, at the very least, read them in the eyes of players sitting near him in the dressing room.

During the regular season, for example, he experienced considerable difficulty putting together two good games in a row.

Outwardly, at least, there was no sign from him that he felt any of the pressure, or was influenced by any rumbles of discontent. That, in many ways, describes what he is all about.

“There were times when I was feeling pretty bad during the regular season, ” he said, “particularly when the team was going bad late in the season. I know a lot of people were unhappy. I was unhappy, but that’s also when a lot of people helped.”

“One of the people who helped him a lot,” says the Canadiens GM, “is his father. He comes from a very good family, and that always helps.

“I spoke to him a lot last season,” he said, “and I’m sure I’ll speak to him a lot next season when things aren’t going as well as they should be. I talk to him about my technique, but that’s nothing new. Ever since i started playing, he would talk to me about my game.”

“Near the end of last season, he would tell me things like I was holding my glove too high, or that I was going to the ice too much.”

“The great thing about him,” says a teammate, “is that he doesn’t let anything bother him. He doesn’t change.”

“I try to stay the same. I tried to stay the same last season. I try to relax and not let things bother me.”

It’s Patrick Roy, after winning the Conn Smythe Trophy and Stanley Cup in 1986.


2 thoughts on “And The Habs Goalie Is…….”

  1. Sadly Carey Price , as much as I think he is a good goalie, is nowhere in the league of Patrick Roy. He almost singlehandedly stole so many games for the Habs something Price does rarely and when it counts he folds. My personal opinion is that goalies spend so much time on their knees nowadays that they fail when it counts. Lets hope that Mr. Price learns and grows with time.Go Habs !

  2. Hi Joe. I think Price has what it takes and hasn’t reached his peak yet. We may see the real Price when he’s closer to 30. Maybe. For sure he wasn’t strong often last season, and without a great goalie, Montreal’s going nowhere. I’m still a believer. Although he sure was a disappointment so many times lately.

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