And The Beat Goes On


It was yet another loss, a 3-2 falling to the New Jersey Devils, and although Carey Price played better and the team as a whole showed some slight improvement, it still wasn’t enough to make most of us feel better.

The Canadiens fell behind in a big way, as they’ve done so often lately, and early into the second frame, it was a 3-0 Devils lead. That noise you heard was the noise of several million Habs fans groaning and muttering and hurling the odd four-letter word around. At least that’s what I was doing.

I suppose some are calling for the head of Michel Therrien. I’m not, but some are. But hey, Jack Adams winners are usually fired after winning, not before.

Surprisingly, while still in that second period, and when the world was once again about to end, a puck off Max Pacioretty’s skate, and then a Lars Eller goal with 21 seconds left, and it almost seemed possible that they might be able to get things done. You know, the way they used to.

The third period came and went, however, and the red light sat quiet. No goals from either team, and once again it becomes as discouraging as can be to see our boys struggling and mired in a hole that soon will reach China. They’re being criticized left and right, given up for dead, and Habs haters through the land must be walking around with sickening grins right now.

It was just so much more fun when things were going well. I miss that.

But I’m with our Habs through thick and thin, as long as they’re giving their all and not going through the motions. And they gave it a shot tonight and could have won if the hockey gods weren’t such assholes right now.

The slump continues. Two wins in their last eight. But it was a better effort for the most part. Just not enough to make us jump for joy.

Random Notes:

New Jersey outshot Montreal 24-21.

Way too many guys are quiet and if I’m going to single out one whom I’m getting a tad restless about, it would be Rene Bourque. He was a bum last year, but he was reborn this year. Until he got hurt. Now he’s back……and he’s comatose again. But he’s not the only one.

I’m just relieved that Price basically did the job on this night. Another stinker from him and he might have wanted to consider wearing shades and a hoody whenever he leaves the house or rink. But he wasn’t bad, and sparkled on occasion. But we expect better. Of course.

Hopefully something can be built off this as the playoffs edge closer. Positive thinking never hurt anyone, I think.

Next up – Habs in Winnipeg on Thursday. The Jets are a point out of a playoff spot, so obviously we can expect them to come out with guns blazing. Which is all we need.



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  1. I think we found the cause of the slump. Maybe she’s been at the last five games. We need to check the archives…

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