10 thoughts on “And Speaking Of Goalies”

  1. Two former Habs, one from BC, carried the 71-72 North Stars thru a pretty successful season. Gumper had the 3rd lowest GAA that season!

  2. Hi Scott. Nothing like smokes and pop to wind down instead of stupid bikes like the Ottawa Senators and other teams like to do. It worked mighty fine for the Flower too.

  3. I’ll say, what was it 2 packs a day and still the fittest player on the team? The team went on a 5 mile run with a “Fitness Guru and Guy was the first to return to the dressing room had a smoke and waited for the rest.

  4. “The team that gives me the most trouble, the Rangers” & that’s when he was their Goalie!

  5. Bergevin said we need character players——–Dennis you picked a fine time to post 2 of the characters we came to love!!De Ja Vue all over again. Wish I could keep you folk reminiscing all nite, but we gotta cheer on White and Weiss —while—all of them. Thanks again for that shot of Fergy! Just like the old Telygram.

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