12 thoughts on “And Now For Your Reading Enjoyment – Bobby Clarke Talks About Ken Dryden”

  1. Hey Dennis, I dont really think I ever heard or read anything that Bobby clarke said made any sense .

  2. I for one would rather listen to an insightful answer to a question by Dryden than listen to that a–hole Clarke bad mouth a dying man !

  3. Clarke seems to be the windbag. He is someone who wants to be like Don Cherry. He knows if he is outspoken he will have media offers. He doesn’t sound smart, just defensive. I, too, would rather listen to Dryden than someone like Clarke.

  4. Mike, Derry, and Mayo, Clarke just seems evil. He’s also friends with Alan Eagleson who is the most uncouth person I’ve ever read about.

  5. Hey Dennis, I see everyone’s opinion is just about the same on this guy,I dont understand his way of thinking,sure made Philidelphia succesful in their quest for a third cup. I was inda hoping he would just fade away into the sunset.

  6. Feel free to hate Bobby Clarke. He gave us all permission:

    “I don’t give a $#@& if nobody likes me. I could care less.” – Bobby Clarke

  7. bobby clarke may be all the unpopular things mentioned above but he could play on my team anyday. the flyers of his era were HIS team. if he wanted his bad boys to lay off he just gave the word. like it or not he was an very important part of the 72 team, a fierce competitor and leader and at a young age. don’t forget that series was all out war. nobody better than clarke to watch your ass in a war. if you want to compare dryden and clarke i would venture to say clarke was far more effective than dryden in that series. if the habs got a good ole western boy with his leadership and grit i bet NOBODY would complain. to me that’s the bottom line. i’m not saying i condone all the stupid stuff he says i just couldn’t give a f#$&%…………. happy birthday kenny.

  8. Hobo, I don’t think anyone’s denying Clarke’s playing abilities and leadership skills and all that. He just lacks in sensitivity, more than most, it seems. He was a great hockey player, Mel Gibson a good actor, Ty Cobb a great baseball player, Sean Avery a good hockey player, and Alan Eagleson a great mover and shaker.

  9. dennis

    he may lack sensitivity but hockey is not a sensitive sport. the rocket haters of the day acussed him of the same lack. normally i would never mention clarke in the same breath as the rocket but you mentioned sean avery. if that’s the best you can do !!!!!!!!!!*^%*55……….. i find his comments about dryden funny but i too lack sensitivity. i also don’t give a f$5$% whether people like me or not. it has been my observation that people who care about what others think of them simply live in fear…. clarke played on my team for a sept. 38 odd yrs. ago and i remember thinking when this is over he’ll be the enemy again. oh no. he can be an asshole all he wants i only care about what he did on the ice. BTW i saw an interview with clarke and he was very articulate and respectful about the greats in hockey……….. i’ll shut up now

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