And He Might Still Be Growing

With their pick #25 in the draft today, the Canadiens selected a young right winger named Michael McCarron, who last year played for the U.S. Under-18 National Team.

But it’s not whom he played for. It’s how big he is. Young McCarron stands 6’5″ and weighs 228 pounds.

Eighteen-year olds eat like horses and more often than not add more inches for a few more years, so this guy could suddenly become one of the biggest NHLers in the league if he makes the club down the road.

If this guy has decent hands, carries a bit of a mean streak, and can skate well, we just might have a fine power forward in a few years.

Here’s hoping this turns out to be a wonderful decision for all concerned.

The lowdown on our new giant can be seen here at

2 thoughts on “And He Might Still Be Growing”

  1. Wouldn’t be excellent, Joe, if we became known as a big team. We really need him to make the team in a couple of years. Does he play with an edge?

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