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  1. ‘Ginette Reno’s 67th birthday is today. Max’s number is 67.

    The hockey gods have spoken.’

    It’s great I love this and the broomS! Lots of commentary on this station & that about who’s it gonna be the Bruins or Detroit and I say it does not matter. The team will play whoever has to be played. It’s interesting that the Sharks are taking down LA in a 3 to 0 series thus far. I sure think it’s going to be interesting shld. the Habs end up playing them for the Cup. A way off, but it’s starting to take shape…. hockey hockey ! and more hockey!

  2. Too bad the CBC is too chicken to grab a broom and sweep some of those knuckleheads out of Hockey Night in Canada.

  3. Right now on TSN they’re discussing it.
    And they are putting him in his place.

    And he said it right after a tense election! See there’s gilles duceppe weighed in on it already…

    To his credit Elliotte Friedman,challenged him right away
    MacLean’s view was challenged by fellow Hockey Night in Canada commentator Elliotte Friedman, who said it was “unfair” to suggest French-Canadian referees were partial to Montreal.


    “So you’re saying there should never be a French referee in Quebec,” Friedman eventually asked MacLean.

    Still, Gilles Duceppe, former leader of the Bloc Québécois, called MacLean’s comments “racist” and said the longtime HNIC commentator should be disciplined.

    “He was not talking about a local referee; he was talking about a French referee, which is quite different and just unacceptable, and I think CBC should take measures to discipline MacLean,” Duceppe told Bernard St-Laurent, host of CBC Montreal’s Radio Noon program.http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/ron-maclean-won-t-be-reprimanded-over-quebec-refs-comment-1.2618801

  4. Glad habs swept.
    Sad cbc is so ignorant.
    Glad all my english pals watch rds.
    Sad refs are blamed for habs win.
    Glad hab fans dont give a crap.
    Sad hab fans still chanting ole ole too soon.
    Glad hey hey goodbye will be around for second round.

  5. Friedman is the only redeeming figure at CBC.

    Now that we have a break, a chance to point out a fews gems…
    Bergevin deserves a great deal of credit. In a very short time he undid the damage Gainey and Gauthier (especially Gauthier). The additions of Weaver, Weise, and Vanek top any move by any GM for the entirety of the year. His faith in his coach was steadfast, even when geniuses like me, demanded his head (although taking Plek off Stamkos in the 3rd period was baffling). Although my thinking about post-season moves are now out the window (I guess we need to keep Rene Bourque), I trust the GM to make moves that will move our guys forward.

    Now for the next week, we’ll hear how the officials, the lack of Bishop are the only reason Montreal advanced, and how Boston will clean our clock… Time will tell, but I’m banking Madame Reno has about eight more renditions to perform at the Bell Centre!


  6. Huh. McLean didn’t complain last year when Chris Driscoll (from good ‘ol Seaforth, Ontario) officiated a TOR/BOS quarterfinal game nor did he complain when BOS played CHI in the finals with ref Chris Rooney (hailing from…South Boston, MA). See, it’s pure and simple. He wants us to believe that he’s playing the “let’s be fair” card when in reality his hand reeks with disdain for anything “Habs”. And maybe, just maybe because Habs are in Quebec. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect all the dots. I say fire his ass. Because you don’t make a comment like that one minute and turn around the next with an apology without it sounding disingenuous. His feelings about what he said haven’t surfaced last night. They are deep-rooted, malicious and as old as Cherry.

    Ok, I’ll stop. For those of you who know me, this kind of stuff really gets my knickers in a twist.

  7. Who gives a rats butt today!!!!They won’t take thuggery out of hockey, Ontario in large % won’t accept Quebec, cbc won’t kick butt where needed, and I WON’T LET ANYONE DEGRADE OR DIMINISH WHAT OUR GUYS DID !!!!! 4 games of firing on ALL cylinenders –or pistons I can spell at least—-4 lines in on the action , The Bell near blew up my headphones, and our good friends Dennis and Luci smack-dab living in the city to soak it all up!!! Again Mayo –THANK YOU for lighting a fire under my heart last night. Never START the fight Habs but jump to your teamates aid if need be. Thanks also all you folk who help me love my Habs!!!! The lump in the throat is comming back !!!

  8. I was thinking today that I’ll bet when Ron Maclean was driving to his home in the suburbs last night, he was was wishing he’d never said all that.

  9. Bergevin for sure, Mike. And it all began when he bought out Gomez. One of his first moves. Weaver, Weise and Vanek have been great fits. Different styles, playing well. When Gorges went down, the timing with Weaver, who plays a similar game, was perfect.I’m still curious about Bourque. Will he fall back into his coma in the 2014-15 season? If he can play like he has recently, why didn’t he before? His teammates were playing their hearts out. You would think he would’ve too. It’s weird. I’m also anxious to hear what the Matt Cooke suspension will be.

  10. Marjo, Ron Maclean bugs me the most when he’s that hokey host on awards shows and skating shows and all that. Just kind of goofy. He used to be a weatherman in Red Deer. Maybe he can get his old job back.

  11. Peter, I’ve learned how to meditate for about 20 seconds and as soon as I can do it longer, I’m going to meditate on how beautiful it would be to see the boys in the Finals.How great would that be!

  12. Peter Hab, the Bell near blew up my headphones…..LOVE IT!

    Dennis, I was looking at the stats of the MTL/OTT series last year and lo and behold Bourque scored two goals! Maybe he’s just a playoff guy. Maybe he’s an emotional type and gets really caught up in the energy of the crowd, not to mention certain singers. Some people are that way. We get the goosebumps at home hearing the crowd can you imagine what it does to players? Then again, guys like Vanek and to a degree, Pleky shut down. Maybe they don’t get off on that same energy. If you’re wondering why I’m so chatty it’s because I’m sick in bed and have nothing else to do…:)

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