And About That Halak For Eller And Schultz Deal

With Jaroslav Halak and his St. Louis Blues coming to town on Tuesday and our man Lars Eller playing like a man possessed, I thought I’d take a look back to when it all began, on June 17th, 2010.

Here’s my post from that day.

I’d never heard of Lars Eller at this point.

I also babble on about how I’m not sure about the trade or Carey Price, and I give Travis Moen a bit of a shot for not getting it done because he’s not a heavyweight fighter.

Right now, is my face red. But as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

9 thoughts on “And About That Halak For Eller And Schultz Deal”

  1. I’ll admit when the trade happened I was livid as well. I couldn’t understand how they could be so stupid as to trade our hero of the playoffs and keep that useless Price.

    Boy was I ever wrong. I am happy to have Eller (he will be great) but sucks that Schultz will never amount to anything.

    It would have been interesting to see what we would have gotten if PG had held on to Halak for a bit longer. We’ll never know now because I think he rushed the deal a little too quickly.

    Everyone has 20/20 vision. I bet you the Habs wish they picked Claude Giroux now instead of that guy they did pick who is playing somewhere in Florida now and who will never see the light of day here. What a blunder that was.

  2. Boy Danno, there’s an oldy but goody. I’m sure I’ve seen this before but I don’t want to say exactly because my mind’s shot.

  3. Darth, I think the one big reason why I wasn’t sure about Price back then was the Vancouver again earlier that season when he was bommbed and he looked absolutely terrible. Couldn’t stop a beach ball. I couldn’t get it out of my mind all that season. And about Schultz, is there something I haven’t heard? Maybe he’ll be a good one, I don’t know.

  4. I am hoping for a real goaltenders’ duel between Halak and Price. Both of them playing spectacularly for sixty minutes. Stopping everything.

    Then, in overtime, none other than Lars Eller surges past the Blues’ defence and beats Halak with a spin-o-rama.

    Either that, or we beat the Blues by a blowout score of 9-2.

    I’m not fussy. As long as we get two points.

  5. Danno, I’m not fussy either. But it would be sensational if it happened as you described. As long as the Habs play well and win. Eller getting the winner would be so perfect and I think it’s going to happen. Sprague Cleghorn told me this morning.

  6. That was not much far off the mark you said Montreal may become a basement dweller and where are they now? 12th place in the east and where the Blues now? 4th in the west wow that one hell of a trade. Price got a great year last season but he’s back to 2009 level a so so goalie who is great with a five goal lead and a mess in tight game. Not exactly the kind of goalie that go far in the playoff by the way something he proved last year by losing three out of four in overtime against the Bruins. Eller is great but that not the point Gauthier could have got way much more if Halak had already been signed for a few years and if they shopped the guy around the league instead of talking to only ONE team!

    The miss management of asset by the Habs and the stupid notion that a GM should not negotiate contract during the season is the worse part of this story. (What else would a GM do beside trades anyway?) Had both goalie been lock up for a few years the Habs may still have traded Halak but the return would have been a king ransom! Hell if they just shopped Halak around the league they might just have got that king ransom even without a contract!

    But let face it Gauthier was under pressure to get the trade done because Price was the guy Timmins, Gainey and him all bet their reputation on. Montreal management will rather sink the team rather than admit that this square peg is not fitting in that round hole. Well the team is sinking alright hopefully Mr Molson will clean house before the next draft I hate to see this trio get to choose what will likely be a lottery pick!

  7. A lot of the stuff being said about Schultz is that he’s just not that great. He’ll probably be a career AHLer or go off to the KHL. If he were to make it up he’d be a 4th liner at best who would sit a lot.

  8. Madhi, I agree with you regarding Gauthier’s play-it-safe wait-and-see approach. This only works if the player sucks and his value goes down, kind of like betting against your own player and team. He did the same thing last summer with Gorges, why didn’t he do it with Markov? However I disagree with your comparison of Price and Halak. Price’s biggest problem is he’s overworked, he’s played the most of anyone in the NHL. Meanwhile Halak may be on a top team, but as the back-up with mediocre stats. In hindsight the Blues GM most likely regrets the trade and the contract.

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