Ancient Egyptians Were Habs Fans

We were talking the other day about how Jesus must be a Habs fan (although he has a strange way of showing it), and it reminded me of something I posted in 2009.

I was watching a National Geographic special on TV about how they built the pyramids, and we followed an archeologist as he went through some previously unexplored hallways. And on one of the walls were some old writings from one of the workers who had been building this particular pyramid. There, with my own eyes, I saw it, and right away I got my camera, paused the TV, and took a picture of my screen.

Somehow the Egyptians knew about the Habs 4500 years ago. Here’s the proof, on a pyramid wall. It’s a little faded now, but you would be too after 4500 years.


8 thoughts on “Ancient Egyptians Were Habs Fans”

  1. You may not be able to use smart phones but at least you can pause your TV when you need it to most. That must be the first ever habs memorabilia.

  2. Hey Dennis, Early Habasaurus paintings are rare indeed,they don’t show themselves to often.the extinction of this race of dinosaurs was probably due to their lack of defensive tactics when dealing other giants in their league and their inability to stay away from the swamp box.

  3. Gillis, I just got home and watched the video, and yes indeed, I love it. You see, this is my calling, to help make the wives comfortable. I’m up for the task, and if Mathieu Darche’s wife needs company, or any of them for that matter, I can do this out of the goodness of my heart. Thanks Gillis. I have an upper-management position for you when I own the team.

  4. Excellent Derry. I think back in the days of the dinosaurs, the poor animals went blind after seeing Don Cherry’s suits. Or maybe they killed themselves.

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