I’m very proud to show my step-granddaughter Anastasia’s new school picture. The beautiful Anastasia is eight years old and is the daughter of Luci’s son Denis in St. Petersburg, Russia. She’s really, really smart, just like her mom and dad, and is even learning some basic English now.


11 thoughts on “Anastasia”

  1. She truly looks like a Russian Princess. I’m sure she will go on to do great things for mankind. We don’t have any grandchildren yet. Still waiting!

  2. Thanks Randy. She’s terrific. We took her on a long car ride to Southern California and she was good as gold. Just great.

  3. Hey Dennis.
    Just to let you know that I’ve booked a cruise to the Baltics. Never been to that part of the world and will actually be in St Petersburg June 9th and 10th.
    Also will be in Norway, Denmark,Germany,Estonia,Finland and Sweden.Sounds like a European hockey tour.And while in Stockholm I will be wearing my Alfie #11 sweater.
    Should be the trip of a lifetime and am looking forward to it.
    Hope to do some scouting and find the Senators some hot prospects.
    Beware The “PESKY SENS!!”

  4. JW, that’s great news. What a trip it should be. I think you’ll be amazed by St. Petersburg. The inner city down by the Neva River and Hermitage just might be the most beautiful city you’ll ever see. Hope you guys have a terrific time.

  5. Christopher, it’s definitely a culture thing. Not all, but many, Russians would just prefer to not smile for the camera. I used to ask why many times, years ago, but I finally gave up and accepted it. Luci’s always smiled, though. Her kids, and Natasha, do too.

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