An Old, Scratchy Sweater

I put this on an Orillia Facebook page this morning and I thought, what the hell, I’ll put it here too.

I got this old Orillia sweater (below) and I’m hoping someone might have any info about the team. It’s wool and a scratchy old thing (really scratchy), probably from the 1940s or 50s, and says ‘Orillia Flyers’ along with the letters ‘WS’.

I’ve come up with a few things and maybe I’m way off, but it’s how detectives work, right?

1. I’m assuming this is a hockey or lacrosse sweater so that eliminates the Orillia Flyers Ladies Softball team from years ago, a team I read about in an old Packet & Times newspaper story. And with this type of scratchy wool, there’s no way in the world this could be a baseball sweater, even though the ‘WS’ could stand for ‘Women’s Softball’.

2. Before there was the Community Centre, Orillia’s arena was located at the corner of West Street and Coldwater Rd. Could it be that the ‘WS’ stands for ‘West Street’? The West Street Flyers?

3. If I turn the ‘WS’ around and make it ‘SW’, maybe it could stand for South Ward. The South Ward Flyers?

4. There’s an Orillia, Iowa but in the ’40s and ’50s the population was about 600 so they probably didn’t have too many hockey or lacrosse teams.

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