An Illustrated Look At What’s Going On

If I go on and on about the woes of the Habs and getting rid of Jacques Martin and all that, then I’ll just be repeating what is being said throughout the land.

So I’ll just post pictures I drew in grade two instead.  

This is the Habs going downhill in 2011.

 This is me writing my blog about the downhill slide of 2011.

 Here’s a member of the team in question.

A look at five teams doing okay and one team that sucks.

This is Jacques Martin aiming at Erik Cole while a Habs fan is about to put a noose around Jacques Martin.

 Jacques Martin on a bridge about to collapse.

 Habs fan with Jacques Martin after the bridge didn’t collapse.

And finally, my buddy and I coming on to one of the players’ wives.

22 thoughts on “An Illustrated Look At What’s Going On”

  1. This is an amazing post Dennis. I love it.

    I was thinking about something here: there’s a bit of a trend going on lately where teams who haven’t won the Cup in ages are winning it. Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh…so that means we WILL eventually get it. It’ll be Toronto this year then us the next!

  2. The drawings match your words perfectly in my opinion. BTW apparently Price is considering getting rid of the pink pads and helmet for next game.

    (Superstition reasons).

  3. Darth, I agree with his decision to ditch the pink stuff. You have to try everything. He’s stalled at 99 wins, his team hasn’t won in a thousand years, and it’s time to wear pads that work.

  4. Dennis, RDS’s Renaud Lavoie reported on Twitter that Max Pacioretty has a partial tear. No breaks. Deep bruise. He could be back in action this week.

    We may have dodged a bullet there.

  5. Oh man… That was a good laugh! I love your drawings, what a treasure! Never quit this blog, Dennis, NEVER!!

  6. If we can endure the Bruins winning the Cup, we can endure the Leafs winning it can’t we? Maybe not. 🙁

    Here’s another JM song:

  7. A tonic for the troops Dennis.

    With such cheery insousiance in the face of our terrible fate, in another life you were probably in the dance band on the Titanic, dedicated to entertainment even as the ship goes down.

    (Must go there’s room in this lifeboat if I can just elbow this woman and child out of the way…….yes sir I’ve been a Leaf fan all my life, may I come aboard?…..)

  8. Interesting dilemma: let’s say the playoffs come and there’s a Boston vs Toronto series. Who does one cheer for because cheering for either is a mortal sin on our parts.

  9. Christopher Cordah says :

    “Darth, the Leafs better not win the Stanley Cup. I’m committed to them not winning in my lifetime and I’m aiming for 100.”

    I love my Leafs but winning the cup is quite a way off unfortunately….

    They are still missing quality tough power forwards up front and their D is
    not as good as some people think … ie slow footed Komi and Schenn

    Playing teams like Boston and Philly shows the holes

    Hey Hab fans ..Get Markov back and Price “stealing” some wins like last year and
    the wins will come …

  10. @Darth: The old saying is that my favorite teams are the habs are whoever is playing the leafs and bruins. And If they are playing eachother, you hope for the building to collapse

  11. Hears something to get you Habs fans into a feeding frenzy

    Average Leaf ticket $123.00

    Average Habs ticket $68.00

  12. Leaf Fan: the one thing messed up about your numbers is do any of us actually pay those average prices? Here it’s a minor miracle if you can actually get a ticket for the price on it. Usually we have to pay through the nose.

    I got a pair of tickets once that were 30 bucks each but I actually paid 75 each.

    The lower levels are even worse. A ticket in the reds can cost you up to 700 dollars or more (each!) depending on who we are playing and if it’s the playoffs.

    I don’t know if Toronto is that bad but I assume it is. It’d be nice if all of us could actual get tickets when we want and pay for them without having to sell an organ to do so.

    I’d add the Flyers into that “crashed” idea. I actually don’t hate the Leafs at all. The Flyers yes, the Bruins – HELL YES.

  13. Leaf Fan and Darth, the tickets we had for the Habs in Vanouver last year have gone up $60 more for each. They were $117, not they’re $180. It’s a rich man’s game in many ways.

  14. Blue Bayou, that’s exactly it. A Leaf fan would elbow the woman and child out of the way, and Boston and Philly fans would punch the woman and child in the face before they elbowed them out of the way.

  15. Darth, we’d never hear the end of it if the Leafs won it all. Imagine. TSN and Sportsnet would be All Leafs, All the time.

  16. You’re right Dennis but the sad thing is – isn’t it that way already? Sometimes watching HNIC you’d think we were the most rotten team ever. Last year’s playoffs they were all seemingly rooting for Boston. Here we are a CANADIAN team and they’re rooting for an American one. Milbury, Cherry, PJ, and some of the other commentators were all pro-Boston are pretty damn close to it. You had to look very carefully to see any praise sent our way.

    I felt like I was watching a broadcast from Boston.

  17. Blue, I hope you’re not implying that many are jumping onto the Leaf lifeboat. That boat has a giant hole in the bottom. If I’m going to sink to the bottom, I want to go down on a legendary luxurious ship everyone will remember, not a two-bit dinghy. From the depths, I’ll look up and whole-heartedly cheer for my friends and fellow Canadians frantically bailing away in the Leaf boat. But knowing full well that that little dinghy will find the bottom of the deepest trench. Meanwhile the coast guard on orders from NHL headquarters will go out and rescue the dirty, ugly, rude malcontents in the gold or orange boats, harpooning anyone or anything that gets in their way.

    Leaf Fan, it’s not that I want the Leafs to lose, it’s just that I was promised by the hockey gods that they wouldn’t win in my lifetime. As for why I make fun of them, well, it’s just so easy and it makes me happy.

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