An Excellent Example Why You Should Not Take A Penalty In The Final Minute

Not that the Canadiens really deserved this anyways. So they grabbed a point and scampered out of Atlanta  and hopefully are sheepishly saying to themselves at this very minute – “we kind of sucked, didn’t we.”

Atlanta 4, Canadiens 3

And it wasn’t just the wide margin of shots the Thrashers had on the head-scratching Habitants (35-19). We should be used to that by now. It was the amount of scoring chances Atlanta had. Carey Price came up big numerous times, too many times for his liking, and although he allowed four goals, he kept it from being seven.

This game is not my fault. At some point in the second period I said out loud that it was good that Price had a shutout going. Montreal led 2-0 when I blurted this out. Atlanta scored shortly after, and then popped another, and the deep-southerners found their game and hit three or four goalposts. But talking out loud about a shutout does not jinx the goalie. This is something some old goalie probably thought up. Maybe Gump Worsley. Or Suitcase Smith.

The Canadiens, like fine southern gentlemen, politely allowed the host team to get back in the game and, like they say in classy joints throughout the world – Bob’s your uncle.

I basically was looking at two things. Price’s shutout, and whether or not we’d get a penalty in the last minute. Funny how things go sometimes.

Glen Metropolit, who played a fine game and who opened the scoring, whacked a guy in the face with his stick which he might want to think about not doing next time, and alas, the last-minute penalty came true, with the end result being the winner by a guy who skates like Alex Ovechkin and is almost as dynamic as Mr. Ovechkin. And really, the name’s not important.

Random Notes:

Sergei Kostitsyn could’ve been a hero with a late-game clear-cut breakaway but a big, sprawling pad got in the way.

Brother Andrei scored a couple of nice ones.

Scott Gomez should try shooting. That’s what wrist exercises are for.

Buffalo at the Bell Centre on Monday. The last time the Habs played Buffalo, the Orillia Midget’s would’ve given those Sabres a harder time. So a little redemption is in order. But this remains to be seen.

7 thoughts on “An Excellent Example Why You Should Not Take A Penalty In The Final Minute”

  1. I have no idea how we got away with a point. They played some shit hockey.
    Carey was amazing even after 4 goals
    Andrei Kostitsyn found his groove; I might add him in my hockey pool.

    I’m too pissed to even talk about it.


  2. I’m not going to crap all over them, yet. I’ll wait till we have a full healthy roster playing before making any judgements.

    Dennis, the word “shutout” is not allowed in our house during a game nor is “softy”, as in Price always lets in a softy.

    The boys may surprise this week, the games I’m sure that they’ll lose they usually end up winning. Keep the faith.

  3. Dennis, this game was another point that got away, to add to the other one (or two) that got away against Pittsburgh. Being ahead by two goals you would think we could hold the lead and win. But no. Sure, the team is to blame for losing, but they sure did not get any help from the refs AGAIN. At one point two Thrashers tripped two of our guys at about the same time the whistle blows and it looked like we would have a five on three. I forget who it was (Bogosian?) but one of the guilty Atlanta players even went to the box on his own – only to come back out because they didn’t give him the penalty. So instead it was five on four. That could have broke Atlanta’s back. Also, Metro was punched in the head before he retaliated. But no penalty for the instigator…
    All I’m saying is once Montreal had a solid lead lots of calls started going in Atlanta’s favour.
    Who said life – or hockey – was fair.
    Oh well, bring on the team with the angry peanut as their crest.

  4. Does anybody know the proper call in this situation? (it happened last night). There was a delayed penalty against Atlanta, and the habs lost possesion of the puck, the first thing the atlanta player did was shoot it over the glass. The ref only called the original penalty. Is that the right call? I’m sort of just looking for a reason to be angry at the refs insteead of taking it out on the habs.

  5. Hey Dennis;Gillis you should be angry at the refs,they really are screwing up big time ,not only in Habs games in others as well.Carey played a geat game again,should have his forwards blocking more pucks as well as Josh Georges.The Habs scored enough to win just took a major amount of penalties in the porocess,the thrashers had 8 pwerplays and only scored on one of them,refferees again giving out as many penalties as pssible to make the game more exciting for the american fans.Maybe each team should play shorthanded for a certain amount of time during the game,it would keep the penalty boxes cleaner.

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