An Abbreviated Tour Of Over There

If you’re reading this during daylight hours on Monday, it means I am presently in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, getting a new key made for my car because my wife lost hers. This key will cost almost $150 because there’s some kind of computer chip in it.

Courtenay, in hockey terms, is located half-way between Howie Meeker in Parksville and Rod Brind’amour in Campbell River.

And to relate the Habs to this, John Ferguson, when he wasn’t busy being the Canadiens’ policeman, was playing lacrosse just down the road in Nanaimo.

5 thoughts on “An Abbreviated Tour Of Over There”

  1. Computer chip, in a key? Talk about fancy pants.

    On a completely unrelated note

    Gainey FINALLY traded Guillaume Latendresse, for Benoit Pouliot from The Wild.

  2. $150 for a key? That’s almost what you paid for your ‘86 Plymouth.
    For that money Gainey would have given you Latendresse.

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