American Fan Feels Habs Too Small Down The Centre

This is a letter sent to the Montreal Gazette from someone named Steve Bourgoin in Oneonto, NY, expressing his dismay at the lack of size down the centre for the Canadiens. Of course, in a perfect world, the Habs would have either Joe Thornton or Vincent Lecavalier, who both stand at 6’4″.

But we don’t.


The Gazette

Published: 20 hours ago

Dear Montreal: I have been a Canadiens fan since the 1970s, and think I know a thing or two about the sport. My first impression of this year’s team, and its makeup, is that with Saku Koivu and Tomas Plekanec as our top two centres, we will advance only so far in the playoffs. Playoff hockey is a different game altogether, and as last year’s semifinals showed, we lack a dominant big man up the middle with size. It pains me to say this, but until that vital position is filled, we only go so far. Happy anniversary, Montreal Canadiens.

Steve Bourgoin

Oneonta, N.Y



So that’s his letter, and it got me thinking a little. I’ve been happy with the size of the team this year, and I wondered if Steve Bourgoin was right or not. So I looked at our centres and here’s what we have, then I show you the size of the centres in Detroit, who won the Stanley Cup last year, and in Pittsburgh, who made it to the Cup finals. Then you be the judge if we’re too small or not.


The Canadiens at centre are:

 Saku Koivu – 5’10”.

Robert Lang – 6’2″

Maxim Lapierre – 6’2″

Tomas Plekanec – 5’10”

Kyle Chipchura – 6’2″


Then there’s the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings:

Pavel Datsyuk – 5′!!”

Jiri Hudler – 5’10”

Val Filppula – 6’0″

Kris Draper – 5’10’

Darren Helm – 5’11”


The Pittsburgh Penguins centres are:

Evgeni Malkin – 6’3″

Sid Crosby – 5’11”

Jordan Staal – 6’4′

Maxime Talbot – 5’11”

Tyler Kennedy – 5’11”


My conclusion? We’re not too small. Although like I said, Thornton or Lecavalier would be nice.

8 thoughts on “American Fan Feels Habs Too Small Down The Centre”

  1. Having Thornton would be best, because then we wouldn’t have to worry anymore about progression past the second round. It would be certain we never would…

  2. good morning DENNIS go HABS go

    sizes are similar,its who want it more, who has more heart for the game and the cup…they will prevail,this year LES CANADIENS have a good bunch of players as good or better than any teams,i feel they will be even more motivated this year to celebrate the 100 years of stanley cup existence and their 25th win of the cup….go


  3. Of course, in a perfect world, the habs would have either Joe Thornton or Vincent Lecavalier, who both stand at 6?4?.

    Isn’t that everyone’s perfect world? *wink wink*

  4. Who cares about height? I think 90% of those Sunday Sports letters ruin my lazy-day. Boo! (The regular letters are bad enough). Anyway, I seem to remember the little guys skating circles around such giant pylons like Zdeno Chara, who got taken down once by Kostopoulos (who grabbed his legs), knocked off the puck by AK46, and completely checked by Lapierre, not to mention dangled by the entire Kovy/Pleks/AK46 line more than once. The bigger they are…

    That said, one of my new favourites in the kids pool is the itsy-bitsy little undraftee David Desharnais (from the Cyclones), who is smaller than Koivu but extremely strong on the puck and runs on jetfuel. He’s also those 1 or more points per game types.

  5. BUMS! Why not try playing to win? Do the Canadiens not realize that every game must be played as though it is game one of the stanley cup final?!
    I’m sick of watching over-paid lazy do-nothings put on a sweater that obviously means NOTHING to them, go out on the ice to chase a puck around for 60 minutes expecting the goal tender and a couple of lucky bounces win the damn game.
    Got news for ya, it don’t work that way.
    Unfortunately for Guy, he’ll end up being the one to pay when the ones who should are the ones who are praised for having such incredible talent.
    I grew up expecting to see a parade each and every spring. Not any more – at least that is in regards to a Stanley Cup. A different kind of parade has to happen first – the kind that has every European skater on that team packed up and shipped out en masse for some other NHL team or better yet, Russia. Heart, soul, want, desire, pride – that’s what is sadly lacking for this team – forget so-called talent. You can have all the talent there is – but you can’t live on bread alone.
    I am ashamed to be a Montreal Canadiens fan.

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