Am I Having A Good Night Or Bad?

At this moment I’m performing a very unnatural and upsettling act. I’m working evening shift and won’t see the game until midnight, when everyone else is tucked snug in their beds or passed out with a lampshade on their head. So you know who won the game but I don’t yet.

Please feel free to talk about what went down, and how the Habs kicked the bejeesus out of the Pittsburgh Flightless Birds. I’ll be checking in at 2 a.m when the game’s over.

And please come back at your convenience after my game post is up. Maybe you could read it before you go to work. Your boss won’t mind if you’re late.

11 thoughts on “Am I Having A Good Night Or Bad?”

  1. Dennis, it was probably the best-played game by the Habs that ended in a loss.
    Pittsburgh was lucky to escape the first period without being behind 2 or 3-0. Fleury was good and lucky. He should kiss the crossbar and the posts.
    Why did Fleury have to have one of those nights tonight?
    I think this is going to be a long tough series.
    We can win it. We will win it.

  2. Yes, Yes you will win. Fleury did play way too good and Malkin finally woke up. Very exciting game with some very good hockey played. Crosby STILL whined…what eVer!

  3. Hey buddy, it was a chess game on ice. Regardless of the outcome, we showed the birds that we love suspense and if they think they can get away with one goal again then start polishing up the golf clubs. Halak was great and Fleury showed up too but I’m sure that, after checking out the tape, Kirk Muller will figure out what we need to kick ass next game.
    By the way Dennis, you are cordially invited and I mean very cordially invited to a special event on Saturday. For the first time in history, T.C.’s pub will experience the honour of having a collection of Habs fans for the game. I’ll be there along with any other fans that are on this site. Proper dress is required of course and a certain fellow with the same name as the fifth month of the year has already seconded this motion. If your schedule does not allow you to attend,we can rebook or I can call in sick for you. To all Habs fans…please respond R.S.V.P.
    Cheers everybody,
    Mikey D.

  4. I can handle the call on Gill that put the team short-handed, but where did the coincidental penalties to Gorges and Letang come from? When they were sent for roughing Crosby was slashing, cross-checking and elbowing everybody. Why was he not penalized? Instead with both Gill and Gorges in the box, and with Pittsburgh still with the man advantage, a goal was inevitable. A seemingly even call was anything but.

  5. Habs won 5-0! IT WAS INSANE!!!!

    I’m kidding, we lost 2-0. Sorry to get your hopes up, Dennis.

  6. Correction : for getting your hopes up.

    I swear, China’s made my English extremely poor.

  7. They played well for the first part, Danno, but either Pittsburgh adjusted or Montreal changed. We’re still going to win.

  8. Mikey D. In regards to Saturday, a better place to watch the game is at the Moose. I watched the 2-0 loss there. They have a 12′ by 6′ screen and its very clear. Let me know what you think.

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