Always Sad When We Hear

The wife of former Montreal Canadiens forward Dominic Moore has passed away. Moore played 21 games for the Hab in 2010 before moving on, and was with the San Jose Sharks before becoming an unrestricted free agent. So sad, so young, and from Lucy and I, our sincere condolences.

This, from Associated Press:

The wife of former San Jose Sharks forward Dominic Moore has died.

The Sharks say Katie Moore died Monday after a nine-month battle with liver cancer.

Dominic Moore missed San Jose’s final two playoff games last April to be with his wife shortly after she was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer.

Dominic Moore was acquired by San Jose last February in a deal with Tampa Bay. He is currently an unrestricted free agent.

The Sharks offered their condolences to the Moore family and called Katie Moore’s courage during the illness an inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Always Sad When We Hear”

  1. Moore was the perfect depth/role player I thought the Habs should have never given up on. He was an unheralded contributor during the 2010 playoffs, and really helped tilt an important win against the Penguins that year.

    It is indeed sad to hear of the loss of his life partner so young. Judging the man by the player he was in Montreal, he will meet and conquer all that this challenge presents for his life moving forward. I have no doubt.

    Moore was one of my favorites.

    The Canadiens Facebook website also sent out their condolences.

  2. Sad news indeed! @robert, just finished reading and enjoying your book. Very insightfull.

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